How to Stop Your Washing Machine from Vibrating

During the spin, your washing machine wants to get the trunk? Don’t panic. Here are several tips to prevent it from moving, vibrating or running away!

  1. A washing machine can move or vibrate when it is not properly stabilized. The machine is equipped with adjustable feet. With a bubble level on it, it is possible to check if the device is stable. If the adjustable feet are damaged, they should be replaced with new ones.
  2. When the washing machine is too loaded, it can move. Never overload the device and comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The problem is the same when there is not much in the device. We need to be able to pass his hand between the linen and the joint.
  3. If the washing machine’s shock absorbers are too old, they can cause more movement. To remedy this, simply replace them with similar or equivalent models recommended by the manufacturer.
  4. Before using a new washing machine, it is imperative to remove the transport straps.
  5. It is necessary to install your washing machine on a rack that is neither smooth nor slippery. It is quite possible to install a small thin carpet under the machine.
  6. If the drain pump is fouled, the water will accumulate, and the linen will remain soaked. The drain filter should be cleaned regularly.