How To Store Butter Outside The Refrigerator

Water Butter is an ancient butter preservation system. It would have been designed in the 18th century, so long before the refrigerator.

This jar keeps the butter away from light and ambient air. It has the advantage that said butter is always at room temperature so easily spreadable.

Just a few weeks ago, I was not aware of this principle of conservation. It was the ceramicist Mariane Denis who wrote to me to introduce me to her product, the water butter.

We exchanged a few emails and she sent me a copy that, in addition to being beautiful, is really convenient!

If you also like the idea of always having butter at room temperature, here’s a link to Mariane’s Facebook page.

Just fill the top part with butter and the lower part of water.

When the upper part is on the base part, when the butter is closed, the butter is in contact with the water. This system prevents oxidation and butter does not rancid. For good conservation, it is necessary to change the water every 2-3 days. The butter holes must be in the water for optimal conservation.

1/ Cup the butter in the lid, part high avoiding air bubbles

2/ Pour water into the lower part. To increase storage, add a little salt to the water.


If you find that your pot is not clean enough, after washing, bake it at 100oC for 1 hour to sterilize it.

Here is a video on the Water Butter found on YouTube. It is also called water bell which I find very explicit


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Do you know the principle of water butter?

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