How to Store Fish in the fridge?

Fish is a useful dietary product that combines amino acids, fatty acids and low-calorie intake.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go fishing often. What to do? A useful product can be bought in the store, following the rules:

  • The best option is to buy a fish fresh on the market.
  • The stores sell chilled. Storage in ice can save the taste of the product and the structure of the pulp.
  • In a frozen state, the deli offers ocean views.

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How to treat the defrosted species. If the counter defrosted product, it is better not to buy. Because it is impossible to get accurate information, why it is unfrozen, and how long it is in such a state to obtain.

How to choose:

  • No rotten smells.
  • Scales should have a fresh look, that is to shine, tightly fit each other.
  • The abdomen should not be swollen. The carcass should be elastic.
  • Check the condition of the gills. They should have a natural colour. The presence of white plaque is indicative of a non-fresh state.

Not cleaned, with giblets, fish in the refrigerator can be stored for several hours. In a short time, the rotting process begins.

  • Without a refrigerator, you can store for a maximum of 60 minutes.
  • In vacuum packaging, the shelf life in the cold is 4 to 5 days.

You can’t store it in plastic bags. Otherwise, the fish is suffocating. It is advisable to use parchment paper for storage.

For storage, it is desirable to use an airtight container and a better compartment. The fact that the fish has a persistent specific smell, which spreads quickly. This smell impregnates other products.

How to store properly

For non-long shelf life, fresh fish should be sent in a purified form. Before storing:

  • Carefully clean the scales and innards.
  • The carcass should be washed under running water.
  • Dry the carcass. You can remove the rest of the water with a paper towel.
  • Cut the carcass into pieces if it’s big.

Thus, the prepared fish can be sent for temporary storage. If the product is not planned to be used in the coming days, the fish is not lost. It can be put in a clean dish, pour marinade.

The marinade can be:

  • lemon juice,
  • vegetable oil,
  • soy sauce,
  • Spices
  • Salt.

Salt and spices rub the carcass. Fish in marinade retains all taste qualities, does not dry out. But even under the marinade, you can store the fish in the refrigeration chamber for no longer than two days.


The fish’s wounding in the freezer, in a frozen state, allows to keep it for a long time.

To preserve the taste, you should use the function of the refrigerator – a quick freeze. Pre-pack the fish in an airtight bag. It should be packed into portions so as not to defrost and then freeze the entire stock. This storage process loses taste.

In a frozen state at a rate of -18, the shelf life is 3 – 6 months, and some species up to 12 months. A separate airtight container should be used for storage. The container must be fit.

Freezing the carcasses, not treated with salt, because after freezing lost taste. If frozen fish is bought in the deli, the packaging should indicate the date, how much it can store.

To not disturb the pulp’s structure, you should put a bag of fish to place in the refrigeration chamber at night. The process of defrosting should be gentle. The shock method under the water stream in the sink for this product is not suitable.

Storage temperature

The temperature of fish storage depends on how long it is laid. For long-term storage for 3 months, the freezer should have a temperature – 18.

If the temperature is -8, the shelf life is two weeks. At zero temperature, it is allowed to store a maximum of three days.

Fresh fish is not cut. It should be stored at zero temperature up to 2. The gutted fish can be stored for up to two days at a temperature of 2 to 5. In the bag-fridge can only carry fish.

How long can you store a smoked product?

Smoking is a thermal treatment that does not allow long-term storage of the product. Fish can be:

  • Smoked
  • cold-smoked.

Cooking technology is different. Cold smoking should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days. Hot smoking no more than 3 days.

But, often, stores do not give truthful information about the date of manufacture, so storing smoked products in the home refrigerator for a long time is not worth it.

Tips for storing smoked goods. For storage, you need to use, in addition to food paper, a tightly closed container. Otherwise, all products will be soaked with the smell of smoked mackerel, herring.

Safety of fish in refrigerators from Hitachi

For the fish to retain the taste, you need to put it in the appropriate conditions.

  1. Long-term storage requires a temperature of 18.
  2. To freeze, you need a quick freeze feature.
  3. For a two-week period, the temperature is 8.

Hitachi refrigerator options that affect the safety and quality of products:

  • Many Models of Hitachi refrigerators are endowed with a fast freeze function. And for some models, it is not a problem to freeze a large number of fish for 24 hours! When you turn on the fast freeze option, all resources are used for the process. Thus, the cellular structure of the product is not destroyed.
  • The refrigeration chamber has a special airtight and even vacuum zone, which regulates humidity and temperature. In the section’s airtight structure, the activity of enzymes on fish is slowed down, and odours are destroyed. There are temperature zones here. You can use the “below zero” mode to cool the fish without freezing. The product to freeze or not decides the person.
  • But the function of triple air purification in the cells will be beneficial. All modern Hitachi models have a Nano Titanium filter. It cleans the air with nanoparticles and ionizes negatively charged particles. This technology prevents the development of rotten bacteria.
  • The interior walls and elastic pad of Hitachi models with antibacterial coating.

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