How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner | Step-By-Step Guide

Did you buy a new vacuum cleaner and have no idea how you are supposed to use it? Or are you one of those who doesn’t get a clean and fresh environment even when you are using a fantastic vacuum cleaner to get the job done? No matter in which category you fall, it is always a good idea to learn how a particular appliance works before starting with it.

In our article, we will not only discuss the step-by-step guide to use a vacuum cleaner but also pay attention to some common mistakes that might be hampering your cleaning experience. We have also talked about some of the most effective vacuum cleaning tips, areas where you can use your device, and how to know if you are doing it all wrong. Keep reading to find out more.


How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are some of the most essential and convenient home appliances in today’s time. There is no doubt that without these, it would have been nearly impossible to even clean the regular wall-to-wall carpeting. These have undoubtedly made our lives easier.

Even though the new age vacuum cleaners are light and compact, unlike their older counterparts, many still struggle to use them properly. Improper use not only affects the cleaning potential but also makes the appliance more susceptible to breaking down. So, let’s see how you should use a vacuum cleaner for the best cleaning performance in our step-by-step guide below.


Step One

The first and foremost step is to have a look at the bag or a container where the vacuum cleaner collects all the dirt. It might come as a surprise, but one should always do this even before starting the cleaning process. If you find your bag or container full, you must change or empty them, depending on the reusability factor. This step is essential as the deposit area of the vacuum cleaner, which is full, will not be able to collect dirt or dust particles effectively, thereby resulting in inefficient cleaning. In case, it’s your first time using the vacuum cleaner, you can start from step two instead.


Step Two

After you have made space in the deposit area of the vacuum to collect more dirt, the next step would be to examine the height of your vacuum cleaner. Most carpets require the vacuum cleaner to be adjusted at an appropriate height according to their length. Nowadays, a lot of vacuums come with an adjustable height indicator for different carpet lengths.

Setting the height at an appropriate length becomes very crucial. This is because when you set it too high, the vacuum will not have the required suction. And, when you set it too low, there will not be proper airflow for effective cleaning. Therefore, the vacuum’s height should always be compatible with the length of the carpet that you are cleaning.


Step Three

After adjusting the height, one must ideally move all the furniture out of their way to give the vacuum cleaner a larger area to work upon without any obstruction. However, if you are not keen on moving all the furniture, you must at least move the smaller ones like a coffee table, etc., so that these don’t come in your way while cleaning.


Step Four

Now comes the actual cleaning part. After you have made all the preparations, it’s time for you to turn on the vacuum cleaner. You must make sure that you push the vacuum back and forth while cleaning for a compelling performance. Also, ensure that you do not move it very quickly, as moving the vacuum too quickly doesn’t allow the dirt to be picked up efficiently.

So, the trick here is to always move the vacuum forward and backward over the surface, in slow, uniform strokes. This will ensure that the dirt gets picked up effectively and you are left with a clean, almost new-looking carpet or furniture.


Step Five

For a more nuanced or specialised cleaning process, make sure that you always use appropriate attachments. These offer better ease and effectiveness. For example, suppose you have to clean the corners or the areas under the edges of your furniture. In that case, you must use a simple hose with interchangeable ends. This step is vital as you may not want the dirt under the hidden areas to escape into your newly cleaned space. Most vacuum cleaners come with all sorts of attachments. You can go with the one that suits your needs and requirements.

With this, your cleaning process comes to an end. You can now turn off the vacuum cleaner and empty the bag or the container, depending on how much dirt is collected. Once done, store the vacuum cleaner in its designated place, and you are good to go.


Where Should You Use the Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are using a vacuum cleaner for the first time, it is always better to know the areas where you should use it before actually starting with the cleaning process. It saves you time and energy and also prevents any possible damage. So, let’s have a look at the places where you can use your vacuum cleaner for a squeaky clean environment.


Using Vacuum Cleaner On Mattress

No, cleaning your bedsheets or pillow cases is not enough for a clean bedroom environment. There are all kinds of bugs, bacteria, dust, or food particles that can find their way inside the mattress, which is both bad for you and your bed. Therefore, it becomes crucial that you vacuum your mattress, preferably with an upholstery attachment, to get rid of any possible allergens and dirt.



Using Vacuum Cleaner On Curtains

Since curtains are usually placed near the window, it gets easier for dirt and dust to settle upon them. This can become a nuisance for people with underlying respiratory conditions. Washing curtains is a huge task. Therefore, we recommend vacuum cleaning them every once in a while to avoid any dust accumulation.


Areas Under Your Bed

Using Vacuum Cleaner For Areas Under Your Bed

The area underneath your bed is one prominent place where dust collects very easily. Since the area is hidden, people usually don’t clean them regularly. Therefore, it becomes essential that you clean the space under your bed on a regular basis to avoid any allergies. Vacuum cleaners with a long hose work perfectly for this purpose.


Inside Your Drawers


Drawers are some of the places where dust settles quickly. These are often not paid attention to either. Therefore, one should clean them frequently, even when they aren’t used daily.



Using Vacuum Cleaner For Furniture

This one goes without saying. People generally buy a vacuum cleaner to clean their furniture only. If you want your furniture to last longer without losing its finish or texture of the fabric, you must clean it at least once a week. This practice does not allow any dirt or dust particles to settle on the surface for long.

If you have pets in your house, weekly cleaning of the furniture becomes even more critical as pet hair can stick to the surface. A pro tip would be to avoid any delay in cleaning even when there is no visible dust on the furniture. Also, use appropriate attachments to vacuum different types of furniture.


Computer Keyboard

Computer Keyboard

It is not uncommon to find dirt, dust, or even tiny food particles finding their way inside the keyboard keys. Also, cleaning your keyboard is often a neglected chore. Therefore, vacuuming the keyboard surface will not only get rid of dirt but also improve your typing experience as there will be no clogging.


Window Sills or a Window Ledge

Window Sills

Many people usually use just a piece of cloth to clean their window sills. However, a combination of both cloth and a vacuum cleaner offers better cleaning. It removes any possible allergens around the area and inside your room.


Vacuum Cleaning Tips

There are a few vacuum cleaning tips or techniques that can come in handy in making your cleaning experience effortless. Let’s discuss some of them below.

Take the Furniture Out of Your Way

Take the Furniture Out of Your Way

This one little step will take your cleaning experience to another level altogether. When you are vacuum cleaning, you would want a larger surface area to cover without any obstruction. Here’s when taking out the furniture comes into the picture as it allows you to vacuum without you bumping into it every now and then. Also, always keep in mind that you never vacuum between the legs of a table or a chair. It’s always better to get them out of your way.


Move the Vacuum Cleaner Back and Forth

Move the Vacuum Cleaner Back and Forth

As we have discussed above as well, one of the best vacuum cleaning tips would be to move the vacuum back and forth, i.e., forward and backward, in slow, uniform strokes. Moving it in only one direction makes it difficult to collect all the dust, and the surface remains dirty even after vacuuming. Therefore, moving the vacuum in both the directions allows you to clean the surface deeply and thoroughly.


Do Not Rush with the Cleaning Process

When you are busy with several other things, you tend to get done with your vacuum cleaning process quickly. However, vacuuming too fast can actually be counterproductive. By this, we mean that when you clean too fast, the dust particles or other things like food crumbs, pet hair, etc., do not get picked up by the vacuum efficiently. This leads to improper cleaning as the dirt still stays lying on the surface even after you have cleaned the area. Therefore, you must always schedule a proper time for vacuuming so that you are not in a rush and results come out great.


Use Appropriate Attachments

Attachments have made it so much easier to vacuum even hard to reach places. You must always make use of appropriate attachments as these will not only improve the cleaning results but will also make your cleaning experience more effortless. You can select from a variety of interchangeable attachments according to your needs and requirements.


Empty the Bag Before it Gets Full

Empty the Bag Before it Gets Full

One area where people get a little lazy is when it comes to emptying the vacuum bag or container. You must make sure that you empty your bag before it gets full to the extent that no more dirt can be collected in it. Ideally, you should empty it when it gets at most three-fourths full of its capacity. Waiting any longer will reduce the suction power and hamper the cleaning process. Therefore, to ensure that your vacuum cleaner works at its full potential, you must empty the deposit area frequently.


Dust the Area Before Vacuuming it

To get even better cleaning performance, make sure that you dust the area before vacuuming it. This will help you to trap the dust particles floating in the air, thereby reducing allergens in that area and providing a fresh and clean environment.


Vacuum the Place Often

The last and probably the most essential tip would be to vacuum the room or any area more often. Do not delay your cleaning session. You should ideally vacuum your house at least once a week to avoid allergies and settling of dust. If you are busy, you must plan a cleaning schedule and stick to that more often. It will not only keep your place clean and odourless but will also offer you the peace of mind of returning to a tidy home every evening.


Common Mistakes While Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Even though a vacuum cleaner is designed to reduce your cleaning efforts and offer utmost cleaning performance, not using it properly will defeat the very purpose of buying one. While not using the correct attachments is the number one mistake, there are others that can make your cleaning experience cumbersome as well.

  1. Not emptying the bag when it is around three-fourths full of its capacity. Waiting for it to fill up to the brim will only reduce the suction power of your vacuum cleaner.
  2. Not cleaning the vacuum filter once every three months or as and when required. Some vacuum filters, like a pleated filter, cannot be washed; and, therefore, has to be replaced every year. Not taking care of this point will let the dust choke the filter and affect its working.
  3. Not vacuuming in the opposite direction as well. This little mistake hampers the cleaning experience.
  4. Not dusting the surfaces to be cleaned beforehand.
  5. Not vacuuming frequently and delaying the cleaning session until the place is visibly filled with dust.
  6. Vacuuming too quickly. It is one of the most common mistakes made by busy bees. But, let me tell you that when you vacuum too quickly, the vacuum cleaner doesn’t even pick up all the dirt and dust from the surface, thereby resulting in ineffective cleaning.


How to Know if You are Using a Vacuum Cleaner Incorrectly?

A lot of times, people don’t even know if they are using a vacuum cleaner correctly or not. When not used properly, it wastes not only your time and effort but also the area remains dirty. Therefore, to save you from the hassle, we have jotted down some of the signs that will let you know if you are using your vacuum cleaner properly or not. Let’s get started.

  1. The first and the most obvious sign would be that your house always seems dirty even when you have cleaned the area.
  2. If there are dark lines on the carpet, there is a possibility that you didn’t vacuum the surface properly.
  3. Another handy tip to check whether you used the vacuum cleaner correctly or not is to see if your feet or socks get dirty when you walk around the house.
  4. Dirty house and allergies go hand in hand. Therefore, if indoor allergies never seem to leave your place, you are vacuuming it incorrectly.
  5. If your house always has a distinct “old house odour” even when you have just bought it, in that case, there is again a high possibility that you are not using your vacuum cleaner properly.
  6. If the carpet that is more stepped upon always looks dark and dirty, you didn’t vacuum clean it correctly.



Now that you know how to use a vacuum cleaner properly, it’s time that you schedule your next cleaning session for a clean, neat, and fresh house. Do let us know about your cleaning experience. If there is any doubt regarding vacuum cleaners that is still left, please write to us in the comments section below. We will try to address your concerns as soon as possible.

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