How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner?

Using a vacuum cleaner is very easy; the main thing is to decide on the desired type of cleaning and follow a few simple steps.

If you need wet cleaning:

1) Pour diluted clean water with detergent (liquid concentrate or Water-soluble Karcher tablets) into the white tank without exceeding the maximum level (see MAX mark inside the tank). The concentration of detergent depends on the degree of contamination.

If you use detergent in tablets, remember that one tablet is designed for 4 litres of clean water. We recommend diluting the water with the product in a separate container and then already pouring it into the tank for clean water. If you use a liquid, read the instructions carefully. In our rental, when renting a cleaning vacuum cleaner, you can buy water-soluble tablets.

If you prefer a liquid detergent, we recommend buying Karcher funds to avoid breakdowns of leased equipment and achieve the best result when cleaning furniture, carpets, and salons.

2) Set the vacuum cleaner horizontally and connect it to the network.

3) Press the sprinkle button, completely close the extra air flap on the handle. Spray the cleaner on the carpet or ups and downs. To achieve the best result, you need to leave the remedy for 20 minutes.

4) Then, push the sprinkle button, press the suction button and start collecting the product.

Remember! If you have sprayed several tanks with the remedy, then accordingly, you will have to pour out dirty water as many times as you changed the container with the remedy. Carefully make sure that the tank with dirty water is not overflowing. Otherwise, you will wet the filter and will not be able to finish cleaning.

If you need dry cleaning:

Go for dry cleaning is quite simple: it is enough to change the water tanks to a reusable dust bag and turn on the suction, not including splashing. And also to change the nozzle for wet cleaning for a dry nozzle.

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