How to use air cooler

Mexico City.- With the arrival of summer and the immense heat that we have suffered in recent weeks, it is important to have some solution that refreshes the atmosphere of our house, office or the place where we are.

A good option is an Air Cooler, also known as Air Wash or Air Cooler, or simply Cooler, whose principle is the use of water in the air cooling process.

Main features of an Air Cooler

According to information provided by Honeywell, an Air Cooler refreshes a room by evaporating the water. But how does this evaporation work?

The Cooler has a water tank. By means of a pump, the water rises and irrigates evenly on a cooling panel called Honeycomb because of its similarity to a honeycomb. The hot air in the room enters the appliance through this panel, allowing it to absorb heat from the air, cooling and humidifying the environment. The air, already cold, is expelled from the unit with the help of a powerful turbine. This process does not require compressor or refrigerant gases.

Air Cooler vs. Air Conditioning

Portable air conditioning devices work a little differently. The compressor, condenser and evaporator are housed in the same compact unit. Portable air conditioning takes hot air from the room from the rear grille, cools it down and propels it into the room. At the same time, the condensing indoor unit also takes air from the rear grille, heats it up and sends it to the street through a tube connected to a window. The system dehumidifies the air as it cools down, as the Air Cooler humidifies it.

While portable air conditioners cool the air, circulate it and work best in enclosed areas, Coolers refresh air in the room and work best in open areas, using cross ventilation, i.e. you have to put them near an open door or window so they can take air from the outside and renew the room air. In addition to having many more health benefits, they feature a dust-trapping filter to improve air quality.

Air cooler, eco-friendly by nature

Air Coolers are ideal for people who care about having appliances at home that do minimal or very little damage to the environment, as they are considered more environmentally friendly because they use only water and non-coolants that can damage the ozone layer as traditional air conditioners or mini split type do.

In addition, Air Coolers represent low electricity costs, using tap water and consuming 80-90 percent less electricity.