How to use car vacuum cleaner

Many car owners spend quite a lot of time in their car.

Regardless, moving around in the car is much nicer when the cabin is clean and fresh

flavour. Cleanliness largely depends on the owner, whether he stores garbage in the cabin or throws it away constantly. If you can keep clean in the fight against large garbage, then it is more difficult to fight the dust. A vacuum cleaner can come to the rescue. It cleans the crumbs and dust well from even the most inaccessible places under the chairs, even in the seams. With the help of a detergent vacuum cleaner, you can get rid of even stains on the upholstery. But, unfortunately, if used incorrectly, the vacuum cleaner can cause a fire in the car.

How to use a vacuum cleaner so as not to harm? When choosing a car vacuum cleaner, it is worth considering its power. Basically, the car is equipped with a capacity of 21 w. This power is optimal for the lighter and will not do him harm, but full cleaning with such a vacuum cleaner is harmful whether it will be possible to do. For high-quality cleaning of the cabin from dust and dirt requires a higher power, from the long operation of such a vacuum cleaner can overheat the lighter’s wiring, which will lead to the ignition of insulation a result, upholstery of the cabin. The lighter is designed for short-term heating of the spiral on it. With long-term use at high loads, it will quickly fail. As a rule, one fuse is responsible for several functions in the car, and when one fails, a failure will appear in the whole system.

Ideally, a fuse cuts off power, but this does not always happen if the lighter malfunctions.

All the fault is that in case of a malfunction, while there is no short circuit, the onboard computer does not recognize overheating; in this case, there is a smell of burning and smoke in the interior of the car.

The outlet. Modern cars are equipped with sockets that can withstand heavy loads and connect gadgets, or a car vacuum cleaner is recommended only to them. The socket in the car has increased heat protection and reinforced wiring, which will avoid the risk of fire wiring.

But what to do, there is no socket in the

car? You can make changes to the design of the vehicle yourself, but in this case, you will have to register them with the traffic police.


New technologies. If you can’t plug the vacuum cleaner into the socket, you can buy a vacuum cleaner with a rechargeable battery. On average, its charge is enough for 30 minutes; it is enough to do cleaning in the cabin of the car. You can charge the battery from a normal outlet at home, but it should not be left in the car in the cold, the charge will sit down very quickly, it is better to store it in the garage or at home.

The bottom line. You can keep the car clean on your own, and you can use the services of a car wash. Clean in the cabin, it is, first of all, the health of its owner.

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