How to Use Instant Geyser

With the invention of instant geysers, the consumption skyrocketed, and so did the electricity bills. Indeed, instant geysers are available in most of the houses these days, with their ability to be compact and provide hot water in basically no time—they are a popular choice for domestic use.

But How to deal with those hard bills that are bank breakers? Well, let us tell you one thing… you are in the right place.

Not only did we mention how you can use an instant geyser but also some bills saving tips that will for sure help you in reducing that huge hole in your wallet.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started, shall we?


What is Instant Geyser?

What is Instant Geyser

Geysers, instant geysers, in particular, have made human life much easier and comfortable especially during those harsh winters. So what exactly is an instant geyser?

As the name recommends, instant geysers provide hot water immediately. Now, by immediately we mean within a few minutes. How exactly does this geyser manage to do that? Well, since these geysers have low capacity and a high heating rate, they can pretty much heat water in basically no time.

The capacity of these geysers is around 1 to 3 litres, however, for those geysers beyond 3 litres are known as storage geysers. And what are they? Well, that’s the story for another day.

The heating rate of an instant geyser is around 3 kilowatts (kW) to 4.5 kilowatts (kW), and that my friend is high. You will need a 4.5 kilowatts geyser if you plant to raise the temperature whenever needed, as a 3 kilowatts geyser would not do that.

Do note that this is only applicable for the users who plan to connect the geyser with their showers, to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of water.

With that being said, instant geysers are excellent for homes where ideal water usage is not more than or around 120 litres in a day. In this situation, these geysers will work wonders and save a ton of electricity bills.

So these geysers are great for small families of 4 people and bachelors who happen to be late a ton of times.


Using Instant Geyser

Using Instant Geyser

While using the geyser ensure that the flow of water is not interrupted and do not open the outlet. In addition to this, wait for around 1 to 3 minutes for the water to get warm or heated, now the time you’ll have to wait will depend on the capacity of the geyser, but it will be no more than the mentioned range, at least for instant geysers.

Another thing to keep in mind while using instant geysers is to check the sign—neon sign. Keep an eye on this sign as it will determine, whether the water is ready for bathing or not. In the event that you own an instant geyser without this sign, then just simply open the outlet and check till the desired water temperature flows out.

Make sure not to keep the geyser on for a prolonged time, as it could be detrimental and unsafe for both you and your geyser. Lastly, please do not touch the geyser with wet hands, albeit some geysers these days come with a shock-proof body, it is always better to be on a safer side.


Pro Tips

Well, whether it is instant geysers or storage geysers, water heaters, in general, are notorious for being aggressive on the pocket and giving you some anxiety with those hefty electricity bills. Now, having said that, if you don’t want that, here are some tips that will help you, especially if you are owning an instant geyser or are planning to buy one.




The simplest tip of all is just don’t keep your geyser on for a long time. That’s it, you would be surprised to know that most individuals keep their geyser on all the time. And then worry about those, harsh electricity bills.

Just switch off the geyser once the needed temperature is reached, and use it only when you need it. Do this, and you will effortlessly reduce some of the costly bills.



Size? What, are you insane? What size has to do with any of this?

If that’s what you think then you are wrong, you see, an oversized geyser can be the cause of the hole in your pocket, as it consumes more electricity. So make sure to choose the geyser size that is appropriate to your consumption and needs.




Star rated instant geysers are known to be energy-efficient, thus buying one would really reduce the overall bill cost. So we would recommend you to look for 5 star rated geysers as they consume less electricity.




Another tip we have for you is to set a timer on the geyser to decrease the overall time your geyser is on for no apparent reason. This way redundant use of electricity can be forestalled and the squandering of the electricity can be prevented as well.


Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Now, of course, this is not possible for everyone, but if you can manage to do that, then it can save a ton of electricity, which in turn will reduce the electricity bills. Solar panels can store electricity for prolonged periods and can save up to 250 kilowatts every month.


Final Note

Instant geysers are great saviours during the winters, but sadly they are also notorious for consuming more power. So if you happen to own one or are going to purchase one in the foreseeable future, then make sure to follow the tips we’ve mentioned to reduce the heavy bills.

That said, to save more energy you will need to look for an energy-efficient geyser so that it reduces the electricity bills. Do this and follow our steps and you will be saving more electricity, cheers for that!


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