HP 410 Vs 419 Printer

HP is one of the leading and reputed brand names for getting world-class printers. With its new printer range, using advanced printing technology, the brand has occupied a significant place that makes it special on its own.

Although, there are many amazing models under the brand but here we are talking about the two extremely popular ones – HP 410 and HP 419. Since, both the printers are totally amazing and can be used for homes and offices, it certainly can get difficult to choose amongst them.

We, therefore, are here with their detailed comparison that can help you choose which one would make the best choice to buy.

HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer:

HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer:

Well, as the name suggests, the HP 410 printer is an all-in-one printer that can provide you with facilities to print, scan and copy without any hassles. This ink tank printer comes with a flatbed scanner and can generate colored outputs.

You can very easily connect the printer with any of the smart devices using its wide range of wireless connectivity. The printer is supported with Wi-Fi connectivity, USB connectivity, and very importantly its connectivity using HP smart app. No matter where you are, you can very conveniently access your printer via the HP smart app.

If you are not in the mood to do some physical printing, then the voice-activated printing feature is just for you. The HP 410 printer is compatible with Google voice assistance and Alexa which makes printing via your voice a possibility.

Honestly, it is not just the printing style that has impressed us but the printing speed of this printer is also worth mentioning. It can print 7.5 black/white pages in a minute and 4.5 colored pages in a minute. It can clearly be observed that its printing speed is much better than the traditional printing speed available in most printers.

Now, if you are wondering you would have to spend a lot to get the printing done, then the HP 410 printer holds another surprise for you. The cost to print 1 black/white page is just 10-paise and the cost of printing a colored page is just 18-paise. Moreover, it offers a 4000-page yield for black/white prints and an 8000-page yield for colored pages which makes it the ideal printer for small offices and home use.

To ensure high-quality printing, it is designed with a print resolution of 4800X1200dpi for colored pages and 1200X1200dpi for black/white pages. The recommended prints on monthly basis are up to 1000 pages. Along with its free installation, it also offers a 1-year warranty.

Highlighted features:

  • Compatible with voice printing feature
  • Offers high-speed printing with quality print resolution
  • The cost of printing is minimal
  • Offers easy accessibility via HP Smart App
  • Ensures price affordability, compact and stylish design to make an impression

HP 419 Wireless Ink Tank Printer:

HP 419 Wireless Ink Tank Printer:

If you are a heavy user and are looking for a printer that can match your monthly printing needs, then we would like to suggest buying HP 419 printer. The printer is an all-in-one printer that ensures to offer you the best of all the desired features without any struggles.

You can use this ink tank printer to print, scan and copy all your essential documents without wasting any time here and there. It is a flatbed scanner-type printer that assures you high-quality colored prints. This HP 419 printer is compatible with home and small office needs for their heavy usage.

The HP 419 printer offers you the best connectivity options to make your printing experience one of its kind. The printer is compatible with Wi-Fi and USB connectivity which ensures that it can be operated using any of the smart devices. Even when you are not in the same network with your printer, you still take any desirable print using the HP Smart App feature.

The printer is designed to offer you an amazing page yield. You get a 15000-page yield value for black/white pages and a page yield value of 8000 pages for colored pages. Moreover, thanks to its duty cycle of 1000 pages per month, you will never run short for any of your printing needs, be it anytime or anywhere.

Besides offering the amazing page yield value, the printer also delivers great print quality with its 4800X1200 print resolution for color printing and 1200X1200dpi for black/white printing. Using manual duplex printing, you can use both sides of the paper for printing.

With its fast-printing speed and minimal printing cost, the HP 419 printer is no less than a delight for most users. It can print 7.5 black/white pages in a single minute with 10-paise as cost per page. Also, it can print 4.5 colored pages in a single minute with 18-paise as cost per page.

With the brand value of HP, you also get free installation of the printer with a 1-year warranty.

Highlighted features:

  • Slightly on the expensive price side
  • Suitable for small offices and homes with heavy usage
  • Higher page yield with a faster printing speed
  • Can be accessed using Wi-Fi, USB, and HP smart app for convenience use
  • Needs minimal storage space

Difference Between HP 410 and HP 419 Printer:

Difference between HP 410 and HP 419 Printer

HP 410 is the predecessor of both printers with some basic yet effective features in its list. Also, it is the cheapest model amongst the two variants available. Whereas, HP 419 is designed with some advanced features and thus falls on the expensive price range.

With that let us take a quick look through some of the distinguishing features of both HP printers for an easy decision.


Both HP 410 and HP 419 are designed to be compact, strong, and attractive to make a lasting impression on the users. Thanks to their smaller footprints, the models can get easily adjusted in smaller places without any hassles.

While HP 410 printer is available in black color, the HP 419 model is available in an appealing and beautiful blue shade.

Printing and scanning feature:

Both the models – HP 410 and HP 419 are well-equipped with the basic features of printing, scanning, and copying. They work with a print resolution of 4800X1200dpi for color printing and 1200X1200dpi for black/white printing.

Both the printers are designed with a manual duplex printing option along with an auto-cleaning mechanism as well. Both also support standard and borderless printing styles making them suitable for home and small offices.

Besides this, both the HP printer models are designed with a flatbed scanner which is efficient enough to scan the documents with a high-quality resolution of 1200X1200dpi.

Page yield and suitable user type:

HP 410 printer comes with 4000 black/white page yield and 8000 colored page yield. On the other hand, the HP 419 printer comes with 15,000 black/white page yield and 8000 colored page yield.

Since, HP 410 comes with a lesser page yield, the model is absolutely suitable for soft users with minimal usage. Talking about the HP 419 model, with such a high page yield, the printer can effectively handle heavy usage needs also without any complications or delays.

Wireless connectivity:

These HP printers do not compromise with their multiple wireless connectivity options. Both the models are compatible with a variety of wireless connectivity options which makes printing quite easy and convenient for the users.

The printers can be connected using Wi-Fi connections and USB connections along with being accessible using HP Smart App. Thanks to these connectivity options, the printers can be used from anywhere and at any time eliminating any kind of inconvenience for the users.

Moreover, the HP 410 printer is also enabled with Google voice assistant and Alexa for voice printing.

Print cost:

Talking about the printing cost, both the printers print using 10-paise for each black and white page and 18-paise for each colored page.

Now, you must be wondering why these two printers have the same printing cost while having different page yield values, isn’t it? Well, that’s because the value of page yield depends upon the size of the ink tank for every individual printer. Amongst the two, HP 419 has an extensive ink tank as compared to that available in HP 410 printer.

Quick Comparison table between the HP 410 and HP 419 Printer:

 HP 410HP 419
Suitable forHome and small offices with a soft usageHome and small offices with heavy usage
Duplex printingManualManual
PriceAvailable on the affordable price sideOn the expensive price side
Wireless connectivityCompatible with Wi-Fi, USB, and HP Smart App along with voice-assistant printingCompatible with Wi-Fi, USB, and HP Smart App accessibility
DesignCompact and stylishCompact and stylish with advanced features


Both – HP 410 and HP 419 printers have their own appealing features for their users.

HP 410 is available with a lesser page yield demanding a refill after every 2-3 months. This can be a concern for some users but if you are a soft user, then HP 410 will not disappoint you. Also, its low price tends to attract most of the users.

On the other hand, HP 419 comes with redefined features that well-suit heavy users. Surely, the model is available on an expensive side but it is totally worth investing in.

So, which one out of the two would you buy for yourself? Leave us an answer and your thoughts in the comment section.

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