The Importance of Using a Mattress Protector

A protective cover on a mattress is an opportunity to extend the life of the sleeping accessories and ensure the safety of its appearance and properties. A wide range of models will make it easy to find a product suitable for both size and composition.

Today, when selecting a mattress in the store, consultants often offer saza to buy a mattress. However, many still question why you need a protective cover, whether to buy such an accessory or it is nothing more than a marketing move. However, its properties and functions allow you to create the most comfortable sleeper and provide a long life of the mattress of any composition and design.


Why do you need a mattress case?

mattress case

Namatrasniks or protective covers can be used with different models of mattresses. With the advent of orthopedic and anatomical options, they have become considered a mandatory element of the bed arrangement. Buying such a product provides the following benefits:

  • The exterior of the mattress is preserved from mechanical damage. In addition, the case allows you to protect sleeping accessories from scabies, hooks, fabric ruptures, and sometimes serious deformities.
  • Pollution protection. Dust, accidentally scattered products, or spilled liquids – all this mattress takes over, which allows preserving the original look and freshness of the mattress.
  • Changing the properties of the bed. The ability to make it tougher or softer is another reason to choose a mattress case. This uses toppers or thick models with different types of fillers, allowing to make sleep more comfortable.
  • Correcting inconvenience. The case allows you to hide the appearance of deformations of the mattress if there is no opportunity to buy a new one and smooths the dips and irregularities of the surface when settling the bed on the sofa. In addition, the mattress provides a more reliable fixation of the sheet, and the bed looks neat.
  • The ease of care. Protective covers are easy to put on and remove, and you can wash all models except toppers in the car. This allows you to quickly get rid of pollution and maintain cleanliness without much effort.

Another advantage of the mattress is the ability to save money. If it is not possible to buy a new mattress, the cover with the filler will make it more convenient and extend the life of several months and even years.


What are the types of covers?

Planning to choose a protective case on the mattress, you need to focus not only on the price but also on the product type. Today, manufacturers offer the following types of covers:

  • Thin. The classic version of the case is made of thin material, which protects the surface of the mattress from dust and pollution and makes the sleeping place more aesthetic.
  • Thick (toppers). The main feature of such products – the presence of filler. It can be hollofaiber, PPU, latex or coconut coir, or their layered combination. Thick covers are the optimal solution for aligning the surface of the mattress and correcting the deformations that have appeared over time.
  • Orthopedic. Cases of this type can rather be called thin mattresses. The key feature of such mattresses is an impressive layer of fillers of different levels of rigidity and sometimes the presence of a spring block of independent trace elements. This model will be the best solution with problems with the back and the lack of opportunity to buy an orthopedic mattress.
  • Waterproof. Reliably protect the mattress from any liquids. The products use special membrane tissues that retain moisture, not allowing it to leak deeper but allowing the air to circulate freely, creating an optimal microclimate. Such properties allow the successful use of waterproof protective covers on mattresses for both children and the elderly.

Also, in some cases, other types of covers – special medical, hypoallergenic, and warming – are singled out. They differ in a special composition and, when selected, necessarily require the advice of specialists.


What materials are the mattress cases made of?

For modern namatrasniks, use materials that combine practicality, comfortable texture and ease of care. All of them can be divided into three large groups:

  • Natural materials. These include cotton, bamboo, wool, flax of varying densities, and even high-end silk models. Such fabrics are comfortable, hygroscopic, and support a favorable microclimate. However, among the drawbacks are most often called the property to give a small shrinkage when washing and the inability to remove some types of stains.
  • Synthetic materials. The most popular are polyester and microfibre, as well as fabrics for waterproof covers. The key advantages of materials are high durability, efficient removal of pollution, and reasonable price. However, in some cases, the material is poorly hygroscopic and the inability to maintain air microcirculation.
  • Mixed or combined materials. Jacquard, polycotton, knitwear include both synthetic and natural fibers, allowing them to combine the benefits of both types of materials.

Considering how to choose a case on the mattress by the composition of the fabric, it is necessary to consider the features of its operation. For example, for children, you can look after both practical and high-quality synthetic and combined mattresses. On the other hand, an adult bed with a gentle mode of operation can be used naturally.


What are the attachments of cases?

Another criterion for choosing a mattress is the way it is fixed on the surface of the sleeping area. There are three popular attachment options:

  • Rubber bands in the corners. A wide elastic braid, sewn on the corners of such a case, allows you to fasten it on the mattress quickly and also easy to remove if necessary. The advantages of cameras with rubber bands include a low price. The main drawbacks are unprotected sidewalls and the ability of rubber bands to stretch over time, which leads to a weak fixation of the product.
  • The rubber band on the perimeter. This mattress is a case that completely hides the sidewalls and the top plane of the mattress. A higher level of protection, reliable fixation, and the ability to slightly adjust the size make it the best option for children and the elderly when the regular washing of the case is implied.
  • Lightning. Protective covers for zippered mattresses may have a higher cost due to the product’s high reliability and comfortable operation. Such models are tightly stretched on the mattress, do not knockdown, and do not slide, but require some effort when removing the putting.


How to choose the right case on the mattress?

Moscow’s shops offer a wide range of mattresses of various kinds. Determining which mattress case to choose is usually guided by the following criteria:

  • destination. The case for a child or double adult bed, for a sofa or an Aldean older adultpedic, corrective, or classic thin – with the type of mattress you need to decide before the purchase.
  • Size. The size of the case should exactly correspond to the mattress: too large will not be fixed reliably, too small – will not close the entire surface or stretch. Therefore, it is important to accurately measure the bed’s length, width, and height before buying a mattress.
  • Quality. Experts recommend buying models only from well-known and proven manufacturers. As a rule, large companies use only certified materials and carefully control the products. In this case, you can count on the safety and high level of performance of each product.

When choosing a mattress, you may find it difficult because of the variety of compositions and options. In this case, it is worth contacting a store consultant, who will help find a suitable model for all parameters.

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