Indian Vegetarian Diet for Muscle Building

Indian Vegetarian Diet for Muscle Building

  • Whey Protein
  • Increase Weight
  • Multivitamin
  • Burns Fat
  • Calcium

Muscles without meat is a new trend around the world.

You read that right. An Indian vegetarian Diet can help you build muscles without eating anything you don’t wish to. And trust us, you don’t want to miss out on that.

Vegetarian diet for muscle building has gain popularity all over the world. Not just because of blogger and influencers. But because it actually does work really well.

You just need a proper plan and a lot of hard work in and out of the Gym. It can sometimes get tricky too if you do not really know what all to do.

So without wasting any of your further time, here’s everything you should know about Indian Vegetarian Diet for Muscle Building.


Vegetarian Muscle Building Diet



Whey Protein + Oats (Cooked in Milk) Add resins and Peanut Butter+ Banana

Oats are gluten-free whole grains. They are packed with amazing minerals, vitamins, calcium, fibres and anti-oxidants. It is extremely beneficial for weight loss, lower blood sugar and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Peanut butter on the other hand contains an adequate amount of healthy fat and protein. Bananas help you control appetite, increases weight and are a good replacement to processed sugar.

You can also replace oats with wheat flakes or quinoa as well.




Lassi made with low-fat yogurt/ Fruit plate + nuts

Lassi can also be replaced with buttermilk. It balances sugar content in the body.

Fruits are a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals. It helps you balance your weight. And guess what, skin too.

On the other hand, nuts go with either of the two. They provide the essential amount of healthy fats, fibres and proteins.




Brown rice + 2 Pla


in Rotis + Sabji (cooked Indian style in less oil)+ Moong Dal

There is nothing healthier, than what we Indians are having since ages.

Brown rice contains a lot of fibre, proteins and minerals. Also, it has amazing anti-oxidants and not fats.

Roti of wheat or jowar or bajra. It’s all your choice


. They all provide your body everything it requires for muscle building.

Make your veggies your best friend. But remember to keep oil at bay. You can have different veggies and legumes that are not over-cooked.

Moong dal is low in fat but high in proteins. So why go for eggs and meat, when you can have a healthier alternative!!!

Add a pinch of Indian masalas and your plate of health is ready.


Evening Snack:

Evening Snack

Sprouts Chat/ Veg Sandwich + low-fat cheese + Vegetable Juice

A bowl of your favourite sprouts with some tomatoes, onion and lime juice for taste. Add some cheese if you love. Snacking just got way too healthy, right?

Atta bread sandwich with all your favourite veggies and cheese. Just avoid a grilled one as it may take away those needed nutrients.

You can even have paneer chat for a change. Don’t forget a glass of vegetable juices to keep snacks small.




Brown rice + 2 Plain Rotis + Sabji (cooked Indian style in less oil)+ Moong Dal

Yes, it’s same as your lunch. Our body needs ample amount of proteins, vitamins and nutrients.A plate full of roti, sabzi, daal and rice has all that your body needs.

It is a balanced source of vitamin B12, potassium, vitamin D and a lot more.

Just a small reminder: Avoid roti and sabzi with oil. The fat content present in it can become a hindrance to your muscle build-up.




Cup of black coffee + 2 banana

A coffee person or no. To speed up your muscle building it’s necessary to add coffee to your pre-workout diet.

It will increase your performance, accelerate fat loss and helps you focus well. Bananas on the other hand are easier to digest and provides the needed amount of energy for a workout.


Post Workout:

Post Workout

Whey Protein with water

Your post-workout needs amino acids in a proper proportion. So get your glass of whey protein shake and relax on the sofa with your favourite show. After all, you deserve a treat after burning those calories.

So this is the way it works. Indian vegetarian diet for bodybuilding is just this simple. But trust us it is as effective as those plates full of eggs and chicken.

But we also understand getting bored with the same ingredients is obvious. Don’t let the foodie in you be sad while your muscle builds up. We have some amazing alternatives you can try in your diet.


What are the best Indian Vegetarian Foods for Muscle Building?

Keep switching ingredients in your diet. You don’t need to eat the same food daily. You just need to work out well and get all the multivitamins regularly through your diet.

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are low in calories. But contains a lot of carbs. This will keep you energetic throughout your intensive workout.

They are a rich source of dietary fibres. And hence are good for burning fat, controlling appetite, digestion and most importantly muscle gaining.

You can replace it with bananas as a pre-workout snack.


Green Veggies

Green Veggies

Although protein is important, muscle building requires multiple vitamins as well. Leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, etc. are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, D and E and folic acid. It makes it easier to increase weight.

Hence these vitamins promote muscle concentration and reduce inflammation. It is also a rich source of anti-oxidants that accelerates muscle recovery eventually supporting bodybuilding.

The best part is you can have them at any time of the day. Either lunch or dinner and even as a salad for evening snacks.




A magical JadiButi of India, also known as Shatavari is packed with amazing nutritional content. It is a natural source of folate, fibre, chromium and multivitamins.

It helps neutralize free radicals causing cell damage. It also contains necessary antioxidants that help your body absorb water and salt. This works excellent for bodybuilders wanting ripped appearance.

You can have it 4 to 5 times a week as a salad or during lunch and dinner.




Rich source of calcium and vitamins, paneer makes it easier to increase weight. It also helps muscular functions and improves bone density.

Eating paneer post-workout works wonders. This is because it is rich in casein. Casein prevents muscles from breaking down after an intensive workout.


Beans and Legumes:

Beans and Legumes

Weather bodybuilding or no. Indians have always been gaining a lot of nutrients through beans and legumes.

And guess what you don’t need to ditch them for muscle-building too.

Beans and legumes improve bowel movement and boost insulin response. This leads to muscle growth and nutrients absorptions. It also increases weight.

You can consume different legumes through-out the day. So you can have your favourite rajmachawal, but brown chawal for a change.




Post-workout you need to consume a combination of carbs and proteins.

Consuming proteins, carbohydrates and fats just got easier with yogurt. It helps builds up energy and also repairs muscle. You can replace it with whey protein for a change.

It keeps you energetic post-workout no matter how intensively you trained. You just need to have it with fresh or frozen fruits as a balanced powerful post-workout snack.




How can we forget these beauties in the diet? Fruits are not just delicious but provide you with the necessary amount of glucose and vitamins.

Choose fruits that are higher in calories like bananas, pineapples and cranberries. Pair them with a bowl of oats, some chia seeds and yogurt.




Muscle building diet would surely be incomplete without seeds. Chia seeds, flax seeds, sunflowers seeds contain lots of fatty acids, proteins and multivitamins.

Including seeds in your post-workout snacks will promote muscle recovery and reduce inflammation.

You just need to sprinkle them on your salad, smoothie or whey protein shake.




It contains 9 essential amino acids, your body cannot produce by itself. And so including in your bodybuilding diet can work wonders.

Also, it is a rich source of multivitamins, minerals and carbs. So while you burn fat at your gym, you know your body won’t be tired. It contains growth hormone that fastens muscle mass growth.

So you know, your bodybuilding diet won’t be boring.

But bodybuilding demands everything in proportion. Read on and know some important tips on muscle building.




Always been a controversial ingredient when it comes to bodybuilding, soy has made many people confused.

But let me tell you the truth you should know. Soy milk or tofu, it has amazing muscle-building benefits like no other plant food.

Natural plant source of protein, including soy in your muscle-building diet will give you lots and lots of proteins.

Also packed with essential nutrients it will help you increase weight and accelerate your muscle growth.


Tips For Muscle Building with Indian Vegetarian Diet

Proteins are Priority

Proteins are Priority

Proteins are extremely important. But in a limited proportion. Often people have a misconception that they need a lot and a lot of proteins.

That’s not true. Daily protein requirement is much less than you think. So check your protein requirement. This could be calculated depending on your weight and age.

Approximately your body requires 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. You can easily calculate it by multiplying 0.36 by your body weight.

Remember to divide your protein intake throughout the day. You can have legumes, chia seeds, bananas, etc. that are rich in proteins.


Care for your Carbs

Care for your Carbs

Easy to consume from Indian homemade recipes, carbs are essential for bodybuilding.

Your body will consume glycogen for energy instead of breaking down muscle tissues. Hence, consuming carbohydrates post-workout will prevent muscles loss.

Eventually promoting muscle repair. You can have it from sweet potato, Quinoa, yogurt, etc.


Fats are Fundamental

Fats are Fundamental

Muscle building is just impossible without fats. So stop running from that. Although your body needs to burn fat, it also needs to consume it in proportion.

To increase weight right amount of fat consumption is necessary. It is totally in your hands if you eat good fat or bad.

Have foods made in olive oil, sunflower oil or rice bran oil? Also consume nuts, yogurt and avocados for the same. Choosing healthy options even if you wish to increase weight or gain is important.


Multi-vitamins for all the Multi-tasking

Multi-vitamins for all the Multi-tasking

You cannot spend your whole day at the gym. And every activity requires vitamins.

Vitamins keep you going throughout the day. It improves your stamina and regulates metabolic activities. Eventually keeping you active and healthy.

So make sure to consume a diet containing Vitamin A, B, C, D and E. We are sure with all the foods mentioned above its not impossible.

Having fruits, leafy veggies, paneer, etc. will surely provide your body with all the vitamins it requires.


Water to Win

Water to Win

Now that you wanna build muscles keeping yourself hydrated is most important than it ever was.

Having 10 to 12 glasses of water will keep your body fit. Your body can quickly consume water and improve your digestion of all the multivitamins you are eating.

Water increases your stamina and also improves muscle capacity to workout. So don’t skip your glass of water no matter what.

Now that you know what all you need to eat building muscles got easier. But don’t let small mistakes affect your journey to lean muscles. So here we have for you a few foods you should avoid while you are on a diet.


Foods you Should Avoid:

Cookies and cakes

Cookies and cakes

These delicious goodies made using maida contain no calories and a lot of sugar. It can be a hindrance to your muscle growth.

Eating diets with less or no calories can lead to unhealthy fat consumption. And we are sure you just can’t wait to build those muscles.


Pre-made smoothies

Pre-made smoothies

Even if your favourite restaurant delivers amazing smoothies, know that it’s not healthy. Smoothies that you buy on the go are not fresh.

Pre-made smoothies contain 1000s of calories. And this is exactly something you should avoid.

Even a scoop of protein powder won’t be able to balance the sugar content. So just avoid it for your good.

Preparing one for yourself will take some time. But trust us, it is the best you can have.




Soda is nothing but sugary water. It has nothing for your body and your muscles.

Caffeine intake from colas can lead to weak bones. And it can even keep you away from wanting to eat muscle building foods.

So while you shred those extra pounds at the gym, make sure to avoid these foods.

Parathas with Ghee and Butter

Parathas with Ghee and Butter

Butter loaded parathas are impossible to avoid. But you need to since you want to build muscles.

But that does not mean you need to completely avoid parathas. Have them with no butter and oil. This will save you from upsetting your mom and even the fat that you saved yourself from.


FAQs About Indian Vegetarian Diet for Muscle Building

What do vegetarian bodybuilders eat?

Vegetarian bodybuilders eat beans and legumes, leafy vegetables, low-fat milk products, fruits, brown rice and two to three chapatis a day. They just make sure they have consumed a protein-rich diet.

Some also prefer soy and soy products like tofu as it is a rich source of natural proteins. Such ingredients accelerate muscles growth and keep you fit.


How to divide your vegetarian meals for muscle building?

For muscle building, you should have five to six meals a day. Starting from breakfast, followed by brunch, lunch, evening snacks, pre-workout meal, post-workout meal and dinner.

Make sure divide your protein, carbohydrates and fat intake equally. Whether it’s to increase the weight or burn fats, dividing your meals works excellent in bodybuilding.


Is it difficult to build muscles with a vegetarian diet?

No, building muscles don’t require you to eat meat. Indian vegetarian diet also works wonder if you follow it right.

You just need to keep a check on your protein, fats and carbohydrate intake. Proper workout and a healthy diet can surely help you build muscles.


Which fruits are best for bodybuilding?

Oranges, bananas, grapes, watermelon and pears are some amazing fruits you can have for muscles building.

These fruits are rich in vitamins and fibres that keep your body energetic for an intensive workout.


What should a vegetarian eat after a workout to build muscle?

A proper vegetarian diet will easily manage your energy levels. But post-workout you need something that relaxes you.

You can have a fruit smoothie with yogurt or a whey protein with water. This will accelerate muscle recovery and tissue build up.

Final Notes

We hope now you know how you can build muscles with all the Indian Vegetarian dishes you have always been eating.

You just need to give some twists to your diet and not any major ones. Keep a check on your calories, protein and fat intake. Because we know the rest of the workout you will do the best.

So now you can too follow the new trend of muscles without meat, and not without deliciousness.




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