Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser: Which One to Buy?

Geysers are such a home appliances that needs no introduction as it is an essential necessity in our daily lifestyle. You can easily see a fitted geyser in everyone’s bathroom and kitchen, which clearly indicates the popularity and dependency on the product.

Surely, the appliance has made our lives simpler but it is still a hassle to choose a suitable geyser for use. These days if you are planning to buy the best geyser for your home and venture the market for the same, then you will be encountered with an ample number of choices. Certainly, the selection gets difficult and confusing amidst so many amazing available options.

However, before you get confused between the various available models of geysers, the main decision that you should focus on is the kind of geyser that you want. Mainly, there are two types of geysers available – Instant geyser and Storage geyser.

Both types have their own characteristic, advantages, and disadvantages which we are here to discuss. Let us compare both the geyser type to be sure of which one would make the best choice for easy and convenient use but first let us begin with understanding both the types.


Instant Geyser vs Storage Geyser

What are instant geysers and why are they popular?

Instant geysers, as the name suggests, are designed in a way to deliver instant hot water as soon as they are switched on. There isn’t any storage tank availability with these geysers and the users can enjoy continuous hot water for their needs. However, no hot water can be preserved for later use.

Instant geysers can be seen as the advanced geyser type that is designed to offer the needed luxuries to its users for convenient use.


  • Requires minimal space as can be mounted on the wall
  • Consumes lesser time to deliver hot water
  • Designed to have a high lifespan
  • Delivers continuous hot water


  • The initial cost is high
  • Installation is complex and needs professional help
  • Frequent maintenance is needed; high maintenance cost


Basics of storage geysers and the reasons for its popularity:

Storage geysers are just the opposite of instant geysers as they come with a storage tank. Rather than offering a continuous supply of hot water, this type takes some time to heat the entire water for use and then even store the remaining in the available storage space. You can use the stored hot water anytime later according to your need and requirement.

With its simple use, design, and affordability, storage geysers are a popular choice amongst a wide range of users.


  • They are inexpensive and can be bought by people with a limited budget as well
  • They can store hot water for later use
  • Easy and affordable to install and use; suitable for beginners
  • Requires minimal maintenance even with continuous use


  • Requires space for installation
  • Water loses heat over time
  • Storage space is limited according to the chosen model


Which one better – instant geyser or storage geyser?

Both the available models are valuable for their respective purposes and needs. Different geyser type suits varying needs of the users and thus it should be selected after careful observations. You should be sure of your needs, family size, storage surroundings, and budget before making any final choice of buying a geyser.

To make a considerable comparison between these two popular choices, let us carefully observe some of their essential parameters and characteristics. Here are the essential factors that will help you to make a perfect selection.


Purchase cost:

To begin with, let us start with one of the most essential factors which we all consider when looking for a suitable geyser – cost. Surely, the purchase cost is one major deciding factor for most of the users, and therefore, it should never be avoided.

Also, having a pre-planned estimate of the purchase cost will save you from over-spending on the purchase of your new geyser. It is one really essential factor to focus on.

  • Now, coming to the instant geysers, its purchase cost is a little more than storage geyser. With the advanced technology and working scenario that can produce immediate hot water, the price of this type of geyser is slightly on the higher side.
  • On the other hand, the purchase cost of storage geyser falls within an affordable range. The simple working mechanism and technology make this type a budget-friendly option to buy.

Verdict – if you have a limited budget, then storage geyser would make the best choice and if you can invest a higher amount, then you can opt for an instant geyser.


Space consumption:

The next thing that should be considered when deciding between instant geyser and storage geyser is space consumption. There is no point in buying any geyser that just takes all of your space. Likewise, there is no sense in investing in a geyser that barely fits in the room.

Both the geysers need different space for their installation and use; therefore, you should be absolutely sure about this factor beforehand.

  • Talking about the instant geyser, these are designed to fit in the smaller space. It is designed in a compact look as there is a provision of a storage tank. As a result, it requires minimal space for its use.
  • The storage geysers, on the other hand, take a larger space for their use and installation. It is designed with an additional storage tank and thus needs more space. As a result, it makes a more suitable choice for larger areas.

Verdict – if you have limited space, then an instant geyser will do justice to your needs. But, if you have large space, then you can buy a storage geyser

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Just like any other electronic item, even the geysers need proper installation for their suitable and stable use. You need to be really careful and perfect with their installation to ensure that they work in their best manner for delivering satisfactory results.

  • The instant geysers are designed in such a way that they have complicated installation and the users often need professional help for the same. It takes a certain time and cost as well for its installation.
  • The storage geyser is just the opposite of the instant geyser. The installation of the storage geysers is pretty simple and can be done by the users as well. There isn’t any need for professional help for the installation.

Verdict – storage geysers are simpler and convenient to install with less complexity



Just imagine standing in the shower, waiting for the hot water but the wait really goes long. Wouldn’t that be irritating and frustrating?

Surely that would be and that will be because you didn’t get the desired outcome from your chosen geyser. Therefore, it is suggested to be aware of the outcome time, delay, and duration before making your mind to buy a suitable kind of geyser.

  • For instant geysers, as the name suggests, you can get hot water instantly without any delay. There is hardly any waiting time in getting hot water for use.
  • In the case of storage geyser, there is a slight waiting to get hot water. Since it comes with a storage tank, it utilizes the stored water to heat up for delivery and thus takes some time.

Verdict – if you are always in a hurry and don’t want any waiting, then instant geyser should be your choice. whereas, if you are comfortable waiting for some time to get hot water, then nothing can be better than a storage geyser.


Power consumption:

One of the most important things that you should never ignore when picking up a suitable geyser is their power consumption. A geyser that consumes way more electricity and power than needed would be a complete wastage. It will not only consume more power but will also result in more electricity bills.

  • Instant geyser needs more power for delivering continuous hot water. Since there is no provision for storing hot water, they tend to put more take more electricity to not take any break in between.
  • Storage geysers consume less power and electricity. These geysers consume electricity at once for heating all the water, which is then stored in the storage tank. Since it can preserve the hot water for a long, there is no need for continuous power consumption.

Verdict – instant geysers consume more electricity/power than the storage geysers



The lifespan of both geyser type depends on their usage while taking proper care. No matter how frequent or rare you are using your geyser, you should never compromise with its maintenance to ensure its long lifespan.

  • With proper care and maintenance, the instant geysers tend to last for the maximum time of 15-20 years.
  • With proper care and maintenance, the storage geysers tend to have a lifespan of 7-12 years.

Verdict – instant geysers have higher lifespan than storage geysers


Final Verdict:

According to our judgment, storage geysers are timeless and tested. They surely have a few limitations but certainly, guarantee a specified amount of water for a longer period of time. Also, these geysers are budget-friendly and thus can be bought by anyone.

Instant geysers are undoubtedly an upgraded version and better option which should be bought if there are no limitations of budget and weather conditions. It won’t be wrong to say that the instant geysers are the advancement of storage geysers with all the offered luxury and convenience.

When choosing between buying any geyser, you should be sure of what exactly your needs are. This will help you in buying an appropriate geyser without over-spending. And, if you have any other doubts, then please comment them below for our assistance.

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