Is Chimney Necessary in a Kitchen?

One question that often keeps people confused is whether to install a kitchen chimney or not. Is a kitchen chimney even necessary, or an exhaust fan would be enough? If all these questions trouble you as well. In that case, this article is for you.

According to our experts, a kitchen chimney is a sure shot necessity in modern times, especially in the case of Indian households. The reason for this is excessive usage of oil and masalas, which often fill the entire house with smoke and odour. A kitchen chimney, in that case, will help in keeping your kitchen clean and its environment fresh.

In our article, we have further discussed other advantages of a kitchen chimney that make it a worthy purchase. Keep reading to find out more.


Why Should You Invest in a Kitchen Chimney?

Why Should You Invest in a Kitchen Chimney

Imagining a kitchen without a kitchen chimney installed in it is somewhat difficult in these times. The reason why kitchen chimneys have become utterly crucial lately is for the ease they offer in keeping the kitchen clean and fresh. In addition to this, they come with several other added advantages, which indeed make them a worthy investment. Let’s discuss all the benefits that kitchen hoods have to offer.

Keeps Your Kitchen Clean and Fresh

This one goes without saying that the most significant advantage of a kitchen chimney is a sparkling clean and fresh kitchen. Often it is seen that the oil particles stick onto the walls and kitchen furniture while cooking, making the kitchen look dirty and greasy. This is where the kitchen chimneys help a lot.

The powerful filters attached inside the chimneys can effectively suck the fumes filled with oil and odours. As the smoke rises, the oil particles are separated and collected in an oil collector, which can be detached and clean without a fuss. The air filled with odour is either vented out of the kitchen or filtered and recirculated back. This mechanism leaves you with a polished and new-like kitchen after every cooking session.


Improves Kitchen Environment

Improves Kitchen Environment

Have you ever entered a kitchen that felt humid, greasy, and filled with different odours? If yes, more often than not, you will find that no chimney is installed in that kitchen. A chimney, especially a ducted one, is designed to remove the condensation build-up inside the kitchen by routing it outside.

In the same way, odours and other harmful gases are also directed outside the kitchen. This leaves you with a fresh-smelling kitchen and an improved kitchen environment at all times. Therefore, with a kitchen chimney, every cooking session will be a refreshing one.


Improves Cooking Experience

Improves Cooking Experience

Indian cooking can be a little difficult with all the spices and different aromas. There have been instances of constant sneezing or breathing issues because of the masalas that go into Indian cooking. A kitchen chimney can singlehandedly solve this problem as it is designed to suck the oil and odours from the cooking top, even before they get the chance to spread in the kitchen. So, with these, you can rest assured of an enhanced cooking experience.


Works Better Than an Exhaust Fan

Often people are confused between a kitchen chimney and an exhaust fan. To put your confusion at rest, we recommend opting for a kitchen chimney over an exhaust fan. The reason for this is the chimney’s superior performance. It is believed that a chimney can work as efficiently as eight to fifteen exhaust fans, which speaks for its efficiency on its own.

Also, since a chimney is installed just above the stove, it captures more fumes even before they get a chance to spread inside the kitchen. In contrast, an exhaust fan is placed high above the kitchen, and it is only when the smoke is spread enough that the exhaust fan routes it out. As a result, the cleaning performance is hampered.

In addition to the superior performance, kitchen chimneys are also easy to clean and maintain as compared to exhaust fans. Unlike an exhaust fan that has to be removed and cleaned, a chimney allows cleaning with a single push of a button. Therefore, it saves you both time and energy.


Enhances Your Kitchen Interiors

Today, kitchen chimneys are available in numerous different designs and sizes. You can select your perfect chimney from a variety of options without compromising on the aesthetics of your kitchen. This is also one of the reasons why people even opt for kitchen hoods.

And, especially for open kitchens, the island chimneys have not only made your kitchen space look more stylish but have also improved the cooking environment. Even the colours and finish, are designed to make your kitchen look sleek and modern. Some brands even offer customised items, which you can opt for according to your needs and requirements.


Easy to Maintain

The days are gone when kitchen chimneys had an elaborate maintenance process. With the new age auto clean technology, it just takes about a few seconds or minutes to clean your chimney. Taking the convenience of an auto clean chimney a notch higher, a filterless chimney makes cleaning even more effortless. This makes it a perfect choice for busy households.

For those who do not want to opt for a filterless kitchen hood, chimneys with baffle filters are also a good option. The baffle filters would last a long time and only require cleaning once every three to four months, depending on the usage. Also, the robust and easy to clean outer body saves you from a lot of maintenance hassles.

In all, a kitchen chimney will prevent a lot of manual labour and give you enough time to focus on different areas of life instead of cleaning the kitchen day in and day out.



In the end, we can vouch for the necessity of kitchen chimneys in the present age of fast life when everyone is racing against time. Having cited numerous advantages of kitchen hoods, we hope that our article was able to address most of your doubts. In case if any query is still left, you can write to us in the comments section below. We would love to resolve your doubts as soon as possible.

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