What is Latex in a Mattress?

Latex is a generalized name for the emulsion of dispersed polymer particles in the water solution. In Latin, latex is juice, liquid. Latex is found in nature in milk from different plants, such as dandelion, home, melon trees. Latex is the juice of plants of milky white, yellowish-brown, yellow, orange, or transparent color. The main components of latex are resin, guta, rubber.



Because of its high cost, the method of obtaining latex is available only to large mattress manufacturers. Under the influence of various chemicals, the milk juice of the heveev (rubber tree) folds and turns into a soft elastic mass suitable for the manufacture of mattresses and pillows. This composition is then poured into special shapes with many fine elements to form the perforation of the material, which allows improving the ventilation of the finished product.

After hardening, it turns out a very elastic and pleasant-to-the-touch material, which is called natural latex.

It is particularly ventilated and hygienic. The main advantage of latex is that it does not cause allergies.



Natural latex is made from the juice of a home tree. It has a small minus – a specific smell that will eventually weather, but the weathering period is not set. In addition, over time, natural latex (however, like many other natural materials) can change its original color.

Absolutely identical properties (longevity, ventilation, elasticity, elasticity, non-hygroscopicity, hygiene) have synthetic latex.

But unlike the natural fellow, he has no disadvantages.

Latex manufacturers Company Toris uses latex in Pirelli, Belgium.

Tori’s mattresses have an increased orthopedic effect, hypoallergenic, hygiene, a life of 15-20 years.

Please note that you can buy latex foam mattresses from thoris from the Grand Series( Grand): Modus F1, Triumph F1, Triumph Plus F1, Negus F1, Avant F1, Fortuna F1, and many other

models. Vegas uses natural latex from Belgium, produced by Artilat, in its production of mattresses.

The latex of this company has micropores identical to bee honeycomb. These cells are filled with air. The density of latex produced by Artilat is 65 kg/m3. Models of pillows and mattresses can withstand enormous loads and easily restore form. Latex company Artilat does not cause allergies and has bactericidal properties. Vegas uses three types of latex

plates: 3 cm thick slabs;

– three-zone monolithic slabs 14 cm thick;

You can buy mattresses using Vernestet latex: Vegas 29, Vegas24, Vegas 20, Vegas 25.

Latex is also used in the production of eco latex springless mattresses. Ormatek uses only safe materials in mattresses: natural and artificial latex manufactured in Belgium.

It is produced by vulcanization and churning. The material is resistant to the environment.

You can buy mattresses with latex foam series Season: Max EVS-500, Prim EVS-500, Max S-1000, Mix S-1000, and other

models. In the Premium series, this material is used in all models. And in the models of the Flex series use artificial latex.

Mattresses for beds-transformers Some firms produce mattresses for sofas (transformable beds).

I want to mention the manufacturer Mediflex. Dikul’s Mediflex BioEnergy mattress is based on seven-zone latex.

The mattress with the effect of physiotherapy has a thermoregulation

system. It provides soft and delicate support to the human spine. For transformer beds, you can consider the Toris Contour 13 option. This is a beautiful orthopedic mattress made of seven-zonal latex foam. You can also buy mattresses Thoris Contour 16, Thoris Mega 15, and other models presented in the catalog for transformable beds.



To extend the life of the latex

mattress, you need to remember a few simple rules: You need to ventilate the room where the mattress is regularly. Keep an eye on the humidity level. Latex does not like wet rooms. Turn the product over more often. The mattress of natural latex is afraid of wet cleaning and high temperatures.

Where else is latex used?

In addition, this material is used in the chemical industry, where it acts as a reagent-funicular in the enrichment of minerals.

Every year the scope of its application increases. And this is not surprising because latex is practical, safe, and durable.

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