What is Memory Foam Mattress? Advantages and Disadvantages

Memory Foam Mattress

Selecting the right mattress will assist in achieving proper sleep and retaining the contour of your spine in a better way. In this regard, the memory foam is the best mattress which upholds your body shape.

It offers excellent flexibility and proper support to users. Memory foam also comes with many notable features which will highlight here. In this article, we are going to have a brief discussion on the characteristics of a memory foam which will help you in buying.

The memory foam is made of polyurethane and used in sofas as well as a mattress. It is a durable material and houses feature like high density and additional pressure release. With memory foam, you will feel like sleeping on some natural resources due to high resilience.

Besides this, this article will provide you much clarity for owning the best mattress for your home for a peaceful slumber.


History of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is also known as temper foam, and it had come into existence in the year 1970 by NASA in an aim to enhance seat cushioning as well as crash protection for pilots and passengers.

And with the passing of the time, it came into a commercial platform and gained much popularity.


Types of Memory Foam Mattress

There are three types of memory foam available in the market, such as traditional memory foams, open cell memory foam, and Gel memory foam.


1) Traditional Memory Foam

These type of memory foams are the basic ones and one of the most popular foam mattress. Traditional memory foam offers proper sleeping practice and good shape to your body.

The traditional memory foam came into existence in the year 1990 and became quite popular due to better support compared to a spring mattress. On the other hand, it helps in boosting your blood circulation and minimizing the stress of your joints.

Moreover, the traditional mattress is anti-microbial so that you can use this type of mattress without any hassle. The anti-microbial features minimize the bed bugs and other allergic sources.

Therefore for healthier sleeping, the traditional ones are one of the best selection.


2) Open Cell Memory Foam

These type of memory foam offers better air movement inside the mattress and allows you a better sleep. It also transfers the heat away from your body while sleeping.


3) Gel Memory Foam

These types of memory foams furnish a gel which absorbs the heat from your body and offers a cooling effect. Such mattresses are more durable than the traditional memory foam mattress and quite effective in minimizing the pressure. They are also denser and perfect for the users who lies an ice-cooling effect.

You can choose the best one among the type of memory foam discussed above according to your requirement, for Spine & Joints pain there is a specially designed mattress known as Orthopedic Mattress.


Pros Of Memory Foam Mattress

Here are the key benefits of a memory foam mattress which can help to buy the best with respect to its significant benefits.


Memory foam is capable of absorbing your heat in an effective way and allows you to sleep in your proper shape by using body pressure.

You can quickly sink in in the mattress due to the viscosity. It uses the heat and unstiffens the mattress which offers you a better elasticity.

2. Pain Relieving

Memory foam is good at relieving your pain on various pressure points. For people with joint pains, this type of mattress works well. It minimizes the outside influence and provides an excellent slumbering experience.

3. Non-Allergic

Memory foam is completely non-allergic due to its dense arrangement. Hence it is safe for people with allergies and offers them a good night’s sleep.

4. Durable

Memory foam is much durable than other types of mattress and lasts for a more extended period. The comfort level also remains the same for a long.


Cons of Memory Foam Mattress

1. Heating

As we discussed earlier, a memory foam uses your body heat; therefore, it is not suitable for summer and warm conditions. So people with much humidity should avoid such mattress for a slumber.

2. Not suitable for them who like to change the position

Many people have the quality to go all around the bed while sleeping and transform the sleeping position all through the night. But with memory foam, this is not possible as you need much time for the adjustment. So if you like to change your position, then sleeping on a memory foam is uncomfortable.

3. Stinky and heavyweight

Due to the presence of volatile organic compounds, a memory foam furnishes a chemical smell. So many of the times, it is quite frustrating and quite difficult to sleep.

Besides this, memory foam is quite dense, so it is quite difficult to lift it.


Wrapping Up

Buying a memory foam is the right decision, and it helps in sleeping in good condition. Still, it is highly essential to do proper research before zeroing your search on memory foam.

Memory foam is made of a high-density polyform and sound comfort system. For proper spinal alignment and pressure relief throughout your body during a night of sleep, memory foam can be a great choice.

It is also suitable for motion transfer and for sustaining your weight. Therefore a memory foam is good for couples and singles without any difficulties. Besides this, switching to the memory foam comes with significant advantages due to extra comfort, durability, and heat absorption.