Mi Water Purifier Review 2023 (By Experts)

Mi is one popular name in the smartphone industry. The brand is a trusted name amongst the users for its quality and affordability. But, do you know the brand has recently announced its entry in the water purifier segment?

With this decision of entering the water purifier segment, Mi has made a bold move. Amidst the various big brands available in the segment like Kent water purifier and others, the decision will either be a hit or a miss for Mi. Will the purifiers be able to meet the needs of the users or not?

Well, we analyzed the performance of the product in detail to get clear about it and to be certain about its performance.


About Mi brands:

Mi was created with a vision and desire to be one reliable user-oriented brand name. The company focused on designing all its products that can attract the users not only with its features but also with its affordable range.

Mi was founded in the year 2010 by Lei Jun. Not many people know that Mi is a product of Xiaomi Inc. and has its headquarters in Beijing, China. Right from its inception, Mi has continuously aimed at updating its software, hardware, and the offered services which have helped the brand to be one popular choice amongst the users.

The brand started its functioning in August 2010 with an Android-based firmware MIUI. The Mi in the logo of the brand represents “Mobile Internet” which clearly signifies what the brand tends to offer. Currently, the brand is operational in all major countries like the USA, India, Russia, Australia, and Singapore.

By offering some extra-ordinary features to its user’s base at an affordable price, Mi is one of the fastest-growing brand name globally. Considering its growth, the brand is also popularly known as “The Apple of China.” In the year 2014, the company made headlines by selling 60 million smartphones followed by breaking the world record of selling the most number of smartphones, within 24-hours, on April 6, 2015, with an overall sales record of 2.11 million.

the well-planned and effective strategic use of social media has also helped the brand to reach to the maximum number of users within no time. The brand ensures to analyze their customers’ review positively and use the same for their growth and development. It can be rightly said that every model from the brand has something unique in its features that assures the best-expected performance to the users.

With its customer-centric approach, Mi has made its long way in the market and is also planning to play it long in the coming future.


What do people like about the Mi brand?

Within no time, Mi has become one common yet reliable name in every household. More and more people are now buying the brand because of its customer-oriented approach.

Well, it is not just this, but there are many other reasons which make the brand a big hit amongst the users. Let us have a look at some of the available factors for the popularity of the brand amongst the users:

  • It is known to offer some great specifications at a relatively lower price than the other brands in the market
  • It can be trusted to get premium hardware and amazing build quality without any compromises
  • It impresses its users by delivering them with an awesome camera
  • A brand is a reliable option offering the best warranty time and the after-sale services to the users
  • It also offers a customized Android-based operating system and thus ensures the maximum convenience to the users


What people don’t like about the Mi brand?

While having a lot of positive attributes, the Mi brand also has its negative side. Yes, just as having its positive side, let us talk about the negative side of the brand.

One of the major problems due to which the brand is questioned by some of the people is its high repairing cost. The brand, no doubt, offers high-quality products but the products demand a much higher cost for its repair and maintenance.

Apart from this, the Mi brand is certainly one of the most loved brands by the users with its wide and reliable product range.


What Mi offers apart from other purifiers?

The initial year of the Mi brand was not that easy in the Indian market. Amidst the crowded market, the brand took its own time to reach to the people. However, over time, the brand has surpassed many brands to be the people’s favourite and trusted names.

So, what it is that the brand offers unique to its users to keep them hooked with it? Let us see.

The brand ensures to keep all its products customer-oriented by focusing on the need and feedback of the users. The users can get the same features that they were looking for with the Mi brand. Also, the brand assures to maintain the affordability of their products by keeping them conveniently available for anyone and everyone.


Mi Water Purifier

Mi Smart (MRB13) 7L RO+UV Water Purifier with App Connectivity and DIY Filter Replacement:

Mi Water Purifier


  • Purification technology: RO and UV
  • Storage capacity: 7L
  • Purification speed: 7.8 LPH
  • Stages of purification: 5-stages
  • Electricity needed: yes
  • TDS controller: yes
  • Warranty: 1-year

Mi has established itself as a people’s brand and this water purifier from the brand clearly justifies its establishment. The water purifier is designed for the people’s convenience and their need to get safe and pure high-quality drinking water.

The brand has focused to enable all the desirable features in its water purifier to attract mass users. Not only this, but the purifier is also one major attraction in terms of its design and appealing looks. Overall, the product has everything to make a lasting impression on the users.

To start with, the Mi water purifier comes with a sufficient capacity of 7L. This capacity can be trusted by the medium-sized Indian families for getting fresh and pure water at all times needed. There is no delay in the purification rate of this Mi product as it is designed with a high purification speed of 7.8LPH

With an aim of thorough purification, this water purifier makes use of double filtration. It combines the benefits of both RO and UV purification for removing all the impurities and contaminations from the water. This double purification removes all the viruses, dissolved impurities, bacteria, germs, dust, dirt, etc. to make the water safe for use.

Well, it is not just the purification with RO and UV process, but the water undergoes 5-different stages of purification to make the water completely free from impurities. It ensures to even remove all the harmful compounds from water that can have a dangerous impact on your health.

Other than removing the impurities from the water, this Mi water purifier also focuses on maintaining the required minerals in the water. It works while retaining the available minerals in the water along with improving the overall quality of the water.

Now, moving from its basic function of purifying water, the purifier offers tons of other attractions. The major one being its available app connectivity. Yes, you can control all its working using the Mi Home App by using the Wi-Fi connection.

Along with the convenience of app connectivity, the users can also rely on the real-time TDS and filter life monitoring feature. The users can make the use of the Smart app to track and analyze the quality of the water, TDS levels, the life of the available filter, and the status of UV sterilization.

Now, to not harm its user’s health in any which way, this purifier comes with a UV light to ensure that the water is completely disinfected of all the possible microorganisms. Lastly, the purifier also is cost-effective as its filter lasts for 12-months and thus needs no replacement any soon. Mi also offers the maximum warranty time of 1-year with this purifier so that the users never have to face any inconvenience with its working.


  • Enabled with app connectivity (using Wi-Fi) to keep track of all features
  • Offers convenient and easy use with minimal maintenance
  • Designed with auto shut-off and overflow protection feature
  • Ensures thorough water purification with RO, UV, and 5-purification stages
  • Comes with UV sterilization for disinfecting the water
  • Energy-efficient model; needs just 42W of power for working


  • No child lock feature


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Mi is one of the most trusted brand names in the present time and why not. The brand offers everything that its users need with its products and that too at an affordable price range.

Just as the brand has ruled the smartphone domain, the brand is all set to take over the water purifier domain with its high-quality product. The classic example of this is its offered Mi Smart (MRB13) 7L RO+UV Water Purifier with App Connectivity and DIY Filter Replacement.

The product is simply amazing to impress its users without any compromises with the quality or price. If you need any other information or details related to the water purifier offered by the brand, then you can connect with us by commenting below. Comment all your concerns, thoughts, and queries and we will assist you with the best possible help.

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