Choosing The Size of The Mattress

When choosing a mattress for the bed, one should pay special attention to the size of the product so that they fully correspond to the dimensions of this piece of furniture. It depends not only on the comfort of sleep but also on how long you will last a new mattress.

It is important not only the width and length of the sleeping surface but also its height. As a rule, each bed is accompanied by documentation, which contains information about all parameters. When accurate measurements of furniture are not available, you need to conduct them yourself with the help of ordinary roulette. To measure the length and width of the bed should be on the inside and select a mattress that clearly corresponds to the received values.

It is important: it is recommended to make measurements on a piece of furniture and not on an old mattress, as during operation, the mattress is deformed, sprawls, and loses its original shape.

Most beds are standard sizes, so it is not difficult to find a suitable mattress. However, if the furniture was made in an individual order, its length and width can be non-standard. The mattress will have to be ordered separately in this situation, but do not be discouraged: we make non-standard mattresses quickly and without prepayment. A significant difference is seen in the size of sleeping surfaces produced in Europe and America. The reason for the differences is related to different measurements used in the production process. Thus, mattresses made, for example, in Italy or another European country, where the metric system is used, will not be suitable for beds brought from America, where feet and inches are used.


Matching dimensions

As for the length, most mattresses it is standard and is 2m. At the height of up to 175 cm, you can buy a mattress 190 cm long.

Picking up the mattress, you need to consider that it should be higher than the growth of sleeping at least 10-15 cm. Otherwise, the sleeper will be uncomfortable because of the inability to take any comfortable position during sleep.

As for the height of mattresses, it is worth saying that they can be different. At the same time, experts recommend choosing a sleeping surface, which will rise above the sides of the bed at least 10 cm. However, this parameter is very individual and often can not give direct recommendations. When buying a mattress for the size of the furniture, it is still worth considering your weight. The greater the body weight, the thicker the product should be so that it does not sag below the sides of the bed when bending.

On how to choose the right mattress, read our article.


Size standards of mattresses

Size standards of mattresses

The width of the sleeping surfaces is divided into three types:

  1. Single
  2. Half-sleep
  3. Double

Single mattresses usually have a width of 0.8m to 0.9m. If your weight is more than 90kg, we recommend buying a mattress 90 cm wide.

The models are slightly wider – the standard width for them is 1.2 m. They are suitable for the comfortable sleep of one person and as a temporary sleeper for two people. The most purchased sizes in this class are 120 x190 and 120 x200 cm.

Double mattresses can reach a width of 1.4 – 2m. There are standard options for two people. Their width is usually 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0m. The most common sizes: 140 x200, 160 x190, 160 x200, 180 x200 cm. Sets of double bed linen, as a rule, sew exactly under the standard 2000 x1600 mm.



Furniture production today produces multi-sized spring and spring mattresses. The first can have different lengths – 190, 195, and 200 mm, be single, one-and-a-half, or double. At the same time, the thickness of such products ranges from 100 to 300 mm. Among expensive and premium models, there are such, The height of which reaches 500 mm. Unsal due to orthopedic mattresses usually has a thickness of 15 to 23 cm. The standard height of the mattress is considered to be a value in the period of 18 to 22 cm. Also, orthopedic sleeping surfaces can be attributed to mattresses, which are thinnethanth mattresses but can not serve as a full complement to the bed and are used only as an additional coating.

Guided by the advice of experts on the choice of mattress for the size of the bed, you can properly staff the bed and enjoy absolute comfort while sleeping!

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