Smart air conditioning – What is it?

What is smart air conditioning? Smart means as much as clever. So smart air conditioners must be smart and intelligent air conditioners. How can air conditioning be intelligent? In which she thinks for us?

We get to the bottom of the questions about what an intelligent air conditioner is and introduce a company that might make your air conditioner smart.

Wouldn’t it be great if you come home and your apartment already has the right temperature? You wouldn’t have to wait for the air conditioning to start. Or you leave the house, and your air conditioning turns off automatically when you are not in the house? These wishes are no longer unrealistic but can be implemented today. And all this can be controlled and controlled with any popular smartphone.

And the right dosage – through intelligent work – reduces energy consumption. So you can still save real cash.

 Smart AC Control available now.

The company that offers such a clever solution is called Tado. Tado offers a 10x10cm small box, which you can install in your apartment. This box is the intermediary between smartphone and air conditioning. You can make settings at the touch of a button on the box or control everything from your smartphone. To do this, the box only needs to be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The box communicates with the air conditioning via an infrared transmitter.

This box is so smart that you can detect when you leave the house. To do this, you must have your Bluetooth active on your smartphone so that the box detects if you are at home. If you are not at home, the smart Tado box reduces cooling performance. Over time, the app learns and remembers the average time you come home. The box then turns the air conditioner back on so it’s nicely cool when you arrive. The on-demand air conditioning system is designed to save up to 40 per cent of energy.

Smart air conditioning – suitable for all air conditioners

The Tado-Box works with all common air conditioners:

  • Window devices
  • Mobile air conditioners
  • Split devices (split and multi-split systems)

It is important that the air conditioner has a remote control. And almost every air conditioner has an infrared remote control. Some have a display, others just a few buttons. If your air conditioner has a remote control, the box can also control it. The Smart AC Control is compatible with almost all common air conditioners.

The installation is very simple: The Smart AC Control can be connected to the nearest power outlet via USB cable and placed – you’re off. The Tado app is available for iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Facts at a glance

  • Personal air conditioner assistant: Connects the air conditioning to the smartphone, automatically control the location, cools before the arrival of the residents, saves when no one is at home
  • Saves energy: save up to 40% of electricity costs, pays off in the first year
  • Control from anywhere: see and control the current temperature from the office or train, report with cooling times and daily savings
  • Highest comfort: Simple, intuitive and completely automatic, optimizes the air conditioning to the behaviour of the residents, with technical customer service
  • For all air conditioners with remote control: Infrared control, like the old remote control
  • More convenience: Easy to set up, intuitive to use and completely automatic. Always the perfect temperature at home – no schedules, no programming, no more thinking about turning off. takes care of everything – automatically

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