How to Use Comfort In Washing Machine

Want your clothes to smell good and look shiny and smooth? But don’t know how to use Comfort in the washing machine? Don’t worry because this article will provide you with every detailed step of how to use Comfort in the washing machine.


What Is Comfort?


Comfort is a liquid solution that should be always used after washing clothes. Using comfort will give a fragrance to your dress, bring shine to your clothes, and will nourish the cloth fibers which have been damaged by the harsh detergents.


How to use Comfort (Fabric Softener) In Washing Machine?

10 steps to use Comfort Liquid/Fabric Softener in Washing Machine

  1. Fill sufficient water in the washing machine.
  2. Mix sufficient detergent (depending on the number of clothes).
  3. Put the clothes and wash them two times.
  4. Drain out the dirty water and fill the washing machine with clean water.
  5. Wash the clothes with that clean water and drain it off again.
  6. Soak upto 10 washed clothes on a bucket and fill the washing machine with clean water.
  7. Pour one-two cup of Comfort and mix it well with the water.
  8. Pour the clothes from the bucket and start your washing machine for five minutes.
  9. Drain off the water from the washing machine.
  10. Hang your clothes under the hot sun to see outstanding results.




Advantages Of Using Comfort

Advantages Of Using Comfort

The following are the advantages of using Comfort after washing clothes.

1. Helps To Protect Against Color Fading

Many harsh detergents might fade the color of your clothes during the washing process. Using comfort will secure the colors of your clothes.

2. Fast Drying

Clothes rinsed in Comfort will dry faster than clothes washed only with detergents.

3. Sweet Fragrance

Clothes washed with Comfort releases a soothing, fresh smell for a long time.

4. Easier To Iron

Comfort itself gives a soft, sharp finish to the cloth. Ironing soft clothes are easier than ironing hard clothes.

5. Best For People With Sensitive Skin

Comfort suits every skin type. It removes the harshness of the detergent and makes the cloth soft which highly decreases itchiness.

6. Increases The Longevity Of Clothes

Soft fibers of cloth result in less friction during the process of wash. Comfort increases the smoothness of the cloth and reduces friction during the wash.

7. Helps To Retain Their Shape

Sometimes, using harsh detergents might decrease the size of your top. Washing your clothes with comfort will help you to retain the original size of your cloth.


Disadvantages Of Using Comfort

Disadvantages Of Using Comfort

There are few important disadvantages that one might know before using it. If not carefully read, it may be dangerous for one in the future.

1. Sweet Fragrances

If washed in Comfort, clothes release different sweet fragrances. These odors are produced by chemicals called PHTHALATES which are highly harmful to an individual.


2. Preservatives and Colors

Comfort locks the colors of our clothes and avoids fading of colors. But the security guard of the colors is a chemical commonly known as “METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE”. This chemical is harmful and might cause rashes.


3. Quats

Comfort is very famous for making clothes softer and smoother. But this feature is only possible because it contains “QUATERNARY AMMONIUM” compounds. Quats or Quaternary ammonium compounds may make your clothes soft but can cause severe problems like asthma attacks or toxic connections to one’s reproductive system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Comfort harmful to babies?

Ans: Yes, comfort contains a few chemicals that are too dangerous for babies.


Can I use Comfort daily?

Ans: No, it is highly advisable that comfort should not be used every day but should be used twice a week.


Is comfort too costly?

Ans: No, comfort is not too costly.


Can comfort be used for all types of clothes?

Ans: No, comfort cannot be used for all kinds of clothes. Towels, flame resistants, sportswear, etc should never be washed with comfort.


How many days will the smell of comfort stay?

Ans: This depends on the particular season and body feature. A person who sweats too much will have the smell for two days. But during the winter season the smell might stay for a week as well.

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