What Are UV Water Purification Disadvantages?

With the hype around the world about UV water purifiers, there is a rise in their demand.  Although it is essential to invest in a UV water purifier, knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of having one is also necessary.

This will help you understand if the water in your area needs a UV water purification system or it will just be a waste of money.

So read on and know if you really need a UV water purifier or need to check other water purification systems too.


Disadvantages Of UV Water Purifiers

Disadvantages Of UV Water Purifiers

While there are many advantages, UV water purification has some disadvantages as well. And so here are the few that you should know.

Dissolved Impurities aren’t Removed:

Yes, you read that right. UV water purifier, however, kills bacteria and viruses; it does not remove dissolved impurities.

This means even after UV water purification, your glass of water might still have pesticides, rust, arsenic, fluoride, etc.

Even though the bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms are killed in UV water purifies, their dead bodies are still left behind in the water.

This often makes the water unfit for drinking, especially if you have various allergies.


No water purification without electricity

If your area often faces voltage or electricity issues, maybe UV water purifies could just be a waste of money.

This is because UV water purifiers do not run without electricity. In rural areas and emergency needs, UV water purifiers make it challenging to get filtered water.

So basically, if there is no electricity, your UV water purifier is of no use.


You cannot entirely turn it off:

The most significant disadvantage of a UV water purifier is that you cannot switch it off. The blue light is always invisible.

This makes it difficult to predict if the machine is running accurately or has an issue unless you get your water tested.

If someday the water purifier stops working, you won’t be notified. This can lead to consuming unfiltered water, which eventually leads to health issues.


No change in water taste or odor

No change in water taste or odor

Some people may find this disadvantage as an advantage, but it isn’t a safe choice.

If you are looking for a water purifier that helps you have better-tasting water and get rid of odor, we don’t think these UV water purifiers are a good choice.

You will have to install a reverse osmosis water purifier along with a UV water purifier if your area gets contaminated with smelly water or water that tastes bad.


Does not purify muddy water

If you frequently get muddy water, UV water purification might not be of any help for you. This is because UV water purifiers are unable to purify muddy water.

You will have to install another filter to purify muddy water before it passes through the UV water purifier.

This eventually makes you invest in two water purifiers, increasing the investment and time required to purify water.

These are the 5 main disadvantages of UV water purification. But the list does not end here. There are few more issues you might face with UV water purification.

  • UV rays do not stay in the water when the water is purified. Incase any microorganism is left in the water post purification, you would not even notice it. This microorganism will increase its population over time, which may result in drinking impure water.
  • You will need to replace the water purifier tube once in a year to ensure that you are drinking pure water.
  • Also, once the water is purified through UV, chlorination is often necessary if you often get impure water.
  • UV water purification only works well for water with TDS up to 200 ppm. Water with more TDS then it is not suitable for UV water purification.
  • Before using a UV water purifier for purification, you will need to pre-filter the water to make it clear to your eyes. This makes it essential to invest in a water filter along with a UV water purifier.
  • Most of the UV water purifiers do not have a storage tank, so every now and then, you will have to fill your bottle or vessel of water for the time when there is no electricity.

Overall, these issues make UV water purification not a favorable option if you want to make sure you are drinking pure filtered water.


What are the health issues related to drinking water from UV water purifiers?

Water after UV water purification, although is free from deadly bacterias and viruses like E. coli, salmonella, cryptosporidium, and other microbes, there are still certain risks you are unaware of.

Since you already know, the dead bodies of microorganisms remain in the water post purification, it can lead to diseases like typhoid, dysentery, cholera, flu, hepatitis, and a lot more to count on.

The only solution for this particular problem is to invest in a pre or post-water purifier to get rid of the dead remains of harmful microorganisms.


What are better alternatives than UV water purifiers?

SCMT is better than most of the standard filters like UF, MF, or UV technology.

This is because UV water purifiers do not give protection to deadly health issues like typhoid, dysentery, cholera, flu, hepatitis, while SCMT does.

So you can also invest in RO+SCMT water purification since research has shown that RO water is safer to drink than the UV system.

RO removes more than 99% of dangerous contamination found in water, making the best possible choice.

This makes it a good choice compared to UV water purifiers. In fact, chlorine treatment is also a fantastic alternative to UV.



Depending on the water TDS and your budget, decide if you ad your family requires a UV water purifier or try other safer alternatives than this.

We also want you all to know that there are certain advantages too of using a UV water purifier, but knowing about its disadvantages mentioned above will help you take better care.

So check the water TDS, appoint a specialist to get your UV water purifier checked once a month, and don’t forget to change the membrane once a year.

This way, you will make sure your UV water purifier provides you with pure drinking water throughout the year.

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