10 Common Washing Machine Problems And Solutions (Trouble shooting)

Did you really think it was that easy to use and maintain your best washing machine?

Well, by now, you already know the answer, but if you don’t wait, you might just be new to using it.

We don’t know your status, but we are indeed not new at solving most of our customer’s washing machine issues.

And to reach the maximum users, we have gathered all the necessary tips to use and maintain washing machines easier.

So before simply calling out an expert, read the common washing machine issues, causes and solutions, you don’t always need an expert for.

Also, make sure to read the important tips mentioned below if you want to avoid getting them.


10 Washing Machine Problems And Solutions

So here are the most common issues most washing machine users face. And so with our years of expertise and understanding of each part of washing machine, here are the easiest solutions to them.

Read on and know how you can do it all on your own, with just an expert’s advice.

Noisy washing you can’t bear

Noisy washing you can’t bear

We lead a busy life, and laundry isn’t a morning thing anymore. We do it at any time of the day, and you expect to keep it to yourself.

But most of the washing machines tend to be too noisy all of a sudden, and we know it is pretty annoying.

Remember, you should not ignore the noise. This is because the issue can be solved initially with ease, and if ignored, it could just cost you a lot in the future.

This is usually the washing machine’s way of letting you know it needs your attention.

This noise can be due to various reasons like caught debris, draining water issues, drum bearings, and a lot more.

If your machine is making noise due to caught debris like coins, hair bands, small clothing items, pins, etc., you just need to open the pump or the back of your washing machine and remove it.

But if this is not the case, it is advisable to contact an electrician who knows in and out of the washing machine. He will exactly know the issue and solve it without causing any further damage.


Too much bouncing and vibrations

Too much bouncing and vibrations

Vibrating and bouncing washing machines can be one of the biggest concerns. This might look like your machine is dancing and having fun, but trust me it will just cause you a lot and a lot of issues in the future if the issue isn’t looked over right now.

Vibrating and bouncing off all that we know by now could be due to various issues like improper levelling, unbalanced laundry, lack of anti-vibrational products, and stacking kit.

So if your machine is vibrating and bouncing a lot, check if the machine is properly kept, you load it according to its capacity and equally.

If the machine continues to make, many issues with the noise make sure to get a stocking kit as it will make it more stable.

Also, anti-vibrational pads will reduce its bouncing and vibration. So you don’t need an expert to tackle this issue, you simply need to use it appropriately.


Damaging Clothes

Damaging Clothes

Humans invest a lot in clothes, and if the machine starts ruining them, we just won’t feel like using machines anymore. But wait, you need to solve the issue instead of just getting a new washing machine.

If your clothes are not washed properly and often have detergent stains, try decreasing the amount of detergent you add. If the clothes are too tangled, make sure to balance the load of your laundry.

If you find your clothes with rips and holes, try checking your clothes’ hooks, buckles, and buttons. If you feel it’s not the clothes and machine has a problem, only a technician could be a better help.

It could be because of issues in buttons or metal issues inside the compartment. So contact an expert who can do it better.

But before that, make sure your clothes are not the reason for ripping and damaging your other clothes.


Over-filling or under-filling water

Over-filling or under-filling water

Many times, most of the machines fill a lot of water, making it difficult to get dry or semi-dried clothes. Clothes drenched in water often take longer to dry, and monsoons can make things worse. (check out our list of the best semi-automatic washing machine in India)

Other than that, sometimes there’s just no water, eventually leaving dirty clothes.

This is primarily due to issues in the pressure switch, hole in a pressure pipe, or the pressure chamber blockage.

To check the issue yourself, simply blow some air into it. If you get a normal sound, it won’t be an issue. You can further remove the chamber and wash it off in case there is a blockage.

Also, make sure to clean the water pipe, as it can lead to chamber blockage.

You won’t need to hire somebody to do it for you. It’s pretty simple.


Not spinning appropriately

Not spinning appropriately

So many users come to us after or during a warranty period because their machines won’t spin appropriately.

This could be because of several issues. The drainage system and spinning mechanism are interlinked.

If the pump filter is blocked or even a small blockage in the hose can lead to spinning issues.

Even worn-out carbon brushes or motor capacity issues can lead to inappropriate spinning.

Since most of these things are technical, we recommend consulting an expert.

Your issue will be solved just the way it should be, and you will be easily able to use your washing machine for a longer duration.


Issues with Door

Issues with Door

Your washing machine door might just become stiff at times. And that does not mean your machine needs to be replaced.

It could be because of various reasons like opening the door while water is still in there. You can check the drain filter, as the issue could be there and not with your door.

If this isn’t a problem, it could be a tiny fault in your door or switch itself.

When there is an issue with the pressure switch, the door won’t open as the machine won’t be reset to empty.

You can simply turn off the power button and on it after 5 to 10 minutes.

The door can also be jammed if the interlock is faulty. You can contact a repair aid technician and he will help you out fix the issue.


Motor Damage

Motor Damage

This is, again, one of the most common washing machine issues, usually found in machines that are older than 10-15 years.

Machine motors in longer duration run out of order, because of high electricity voltage or overloading of clothes.

This is because the overloaded or unbalanced washing machine demands quicker action, which can affect the motor’s working capacity.

Even defective lids can cause motor damage. And to solve this issue, you will need to consult an expert or directly your manufacturer if you still have a warranty.


Leaks here and there

Loose connections can often lead to leakage in washers and hoses.

So if your machine leaks a lot, maybe it is because of the problem in the drain hose or the hose needed to fill the tub with water.

Simply check the hoses and tighten the connection if your machine has a leakage.

If there are further issues, you can also check the pump for obstruction that affects water’s flow.


It smells in there

It smells in there

Smelly machines mean smelly clothes, and we know it’s the last thing you want. But yes, it is possible, and you will have to do something about it.

To begin with, a smelly washing machine is usually because of the accumulation of soap scum, dirt, and general waste over time.

This leads to the development of mildew, mold, and bacterias in there. This can get out of control and affect the overall cleaning process.

So make sure to clean your door gaskets, check the filters and clean the washing machine drum regularly. Doing this will not only help you get rid of the foul smell but also increase the machine’s longevity.


The machine that does not drain

If your washing machine does not drain out the waste, it probably means your clothes are still uncleaned.

This is usually because of a fault inside the appliance. It could be because of the blockage due to hairs, coins, keys stuck inside while finding their way out.

You will have to open the filter, and clean it appropriately and get rid of all the waste stuck in there.

After getting it all cleaned, switch on the washing machine and set on the short wash or rise in the cycle.

Notice if the issue is solved, and double-check if it isn’t.


Important tips you should know.

To avoid any of the issues happening in the future, here are some tips straight away from the manufacturers to all users out there.

  • Always remember to plug in and plug out your washing machine while using and not using it, respectively. Whenever necessary, make sure to check the receptacle it’s plugged into for power using a working lamp, appliance, or voltage tester.
  • Load your laundry appropriately and also separate colours and pre-treat strains to get cleaner clothes, also you can check out top rated front load washing machines which last longer have less probability to face these issues
  • Put the detergent in the right place instead of sprinkling it directly on your clothes.
  • Do regular (paid or unpaid) servicing of your washing machine, and don’t leave it dirty on regular days as well.
  • Always leave the door of the washing machine open for sometime after use. This will prevent your clothes from stinking even after a longer duration.
  • Make sure all your pockets are empty before clothes enter the machine.
  • Never leave wet clothes in a machine for a longer duration; your machine might just get stains too.



We hope you likely have found a solution to issues you currently face with your washing machine.

Some can be solved on your own, while others will require you to contact an expert. But most of the time, as you have already read above, it is how you use your washing machine.

So yes, using a washing machine is not an easy task. You need to be extra careful even with your laundry, or you may simply end up messing up the machine’s mechanism.

Hope this article helped you find a solution to your washing machine problem and you want are looking for top load washing machine recommendation then please read our detailed guide

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