What Happens If Geyser is Left On

Life is unpredictable and here & there we cannot be sure what’s going on. Sometimes we forget things, and in worst cases, they lead to accidents.

Of course, we don’t want that to happen with you, but then again we cannot be sure of what’s ahead.

So it is always better to take some precautions.

But if you’ve left the geyser on for a prolonged period and now are looking on the internet as well as are worried.

Then, don’t stress, we’ve got your back. Rest assured, one thing is for sure, nothing will happen to your geyser.

However, there are some negative impacts that you should be acquainted with.




Geysers or otherwise known as water heaters are great appliances that provide us with hot water in basically no time. It heats the water so that we can have it from our taps without any efforts.

This makes them popular in these modern times and you will find one in most of the households. Geysers are crucial in our lives, especially during winters and for those who happen to reside in colder regions of the world.

Speaking of geysers, one of the most important parts in a geyser is a Thermostat. This device can be considered as life-saving as it offers something that we all can relax on.

With that said, thermostats are also prone to many damages and faults that may ultimately lead to ruining the geyser. And if you don’t resolve the thermostat problem, then your geyser is not much in use after all.

But… What does all of this have to do with the main question?

Yeah—this information may seem redundant at first glance but trust us is more valuable, just keep reading, and you will find out why as well as the answer to your question.

So that the next time someone else in your family experiences the same situation, you can assure them and provide some relief.



A thermostat can be considered as the heart of the geysers feature list. Without this feature, many of us would’ve proscribed the use of geysers in the first place.

What this does is, it helps us to regulate the temperature of the best water heater that we will require when the geyser has done its job. Most of the individuals set a temperature on the thermostat without changing it again and again.

With that being said, some prefer to change the temperature according to the weathers and their needs as well as usage.

In basic words, the thermostat ensures that the geyser heats the water till the desired temperature is achieved and after that switches it off automatically.

Aforementioned, this part is vulnerable to many problems and should be repaired, otherwise, it can lead to geysers not working at all.


How Does a Thermostat Work?

How Does a Thermostat Work

Basically, the thermostat operates as a facilitator between the components. It ensures to stop heating the water when it is adequately hot or the desired temperature is reached. Similarly, when it detects that the water inside the geyser is cool then it starts the component and heats the water.

However, this happens exclusively after the element of the geyser has finished heating it. So to summarize what we’ve explained above in simple words, then…

A thermostat detects the temperature of the water that is stored in the geyser, once it gets cool then it automatically starts the geyser to reach the set or desired temperature. Once it reaches the temperature it automatically shuts down the geyser.


What Happens If Geyser is Left On?

What Happens If Geyser is Left On

Relax, we know you got yourself into a bit of predicament, but don’t stress over it, basically, nothing will happen to the geyser, all thanks to the thermostat. As, once the desired temperature is reached and if the geyser is still on, the thermostat will switch off the geyser automatically.

So you don’t have to worry if you’ve accidentally kept the geyser on for an extended period. Almost all geysers have the thermostat so that accidents can be forestalled.

However, keeping the geyser on for a long period does have some impacts, that you should be aware of, they are as follows…

  • High Power Consumption:- If the geyser is left on for a longer time, then the power consumption will be high. This will lead to hefty electricity bills.
  • Damaged Thermostat:- As thermostat are prone to damage, frequent on & off of the thermostat can harm it. So you will have to replace it, without a thermostat your geyser can burn out and in worst cases, it could explode.
  • Wastage of Resources:- Another demerit will be that the electricity will be squandered without any reason.

So leaving geyser on for no reason, can damage the thermostat and give you some costly electricity bills. For now, if you’ve experienced it, there is nothing to worry about, just make sure that it doesn’t reiterate.


Take-Away Message

If you are worried about the geyser, because you left it on for a long time, don’t worry the thermostat got your back. In case if you find it not working or any problem, just contact a technician and replace the thermostat, so that you and your family can enjoy hot showers.

Thermostats are an excellent feature in a geyser but they are prone to harm or damage easily, so make sure to take some care of it. If in the worst possible situation they do not work when you’ve left the geyser on, then it could lead to overheating and your geyser may not work again.

Thus, make sure to not repeatedly forget to switch off the geyser once the work has been done. This way you will save not only your geyser but also some redundant expenses.


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