What is Gas Geyser

Winters can be hard to deal with, especially when taking a shower. Without hot water, it can be one hell of a job as well as a scary task. But as history is evident, technology has been improving the lives of humans for many years.

The reluctance to bath in winters led technology to invent geysers and with that came gas geysers. These geysers were not only cost and energy-efficient but also provided hot water in no time, even if you were out of electricity.

So when winters arrive consider picking up a gas geyser and open the tap, wait a while, and voila! your hot water is ready.

But what separates gas geysers from electric geysers? Are they better? What are the benefits?

Is that where your concern lies?

Then read along to find out more about gas geysers.


Gas Geysers

Gas Geysers

As the name suggests, Gas geysers are a type of water heaters that uses Liquid Petroleum Gas or otherwise known as LPG for heating the water. These types of geysers have no limitations to heat water, thus can provide unlimited heated water. You can heat as much water as you want.

Gas geysers are also known as Condensing Water Heaters and can prove to be an excellent option if your family relies on natural gas for an energy source. The major heating system of this type of geysers runs on gas.

As a matter of fact, the common South African gas geysers do not come with some sorts of storages and heats the water instantaneously. Meaning they do not have reservoirs to store hot water, and thus they heat the water instantly.

The gas geysers will only activate when there is some need, for instance, if you open the tap, it will send the signal to a gas geyser that the user needs hot water and thus it will activate. As a result, you will get warm hot water running from your tap.

Now, when you close the tap, the same process follows and the geyser will deactivate. This is a really great feature that comes with gas geysers.

Besides that, gas geysers are known for providing an uninterrupted flow of hot water that too immediately. Since electric geysers use electricity to run and heat water, gas geysers prove to be a better choice as they use natural gas, thus becoming more energy-efficient.

These types of geysers are most popular in large metro cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and so forth. However, with the requisites that come with gas geysers like large bathrooms, proper ventilation, etc the popularity is also decreasing.

With that being said, they are picking up their pace in small cities like Vadodara, Surat, Nashik, Dehradun, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Mysore, and so on. This data is gathered by looking at the repair concerns from these cities.


How do Gas Geysers Work?

How do Gas Geysers Work

The mechanism of gas geysers is really simple and straightforward. As well all know, the gas geyser uses natural gas to heat the water. Thus it has a water heater or in this case, the term would be a burner.

So the working goes like this, the cold water is passed through a pipeline that passes from the heat-exchanger. This heat exchanger is covered with water pipes that go through it. Just below the heat exchanger lies the burner which is connected to the gas and electric circuit that has sensors.

The flames of the burner heat up the water pipes and eventually heat the water. So when you open the tap, the electric circuit detects the water flow and ignites the burner. As water is passing through the pipes covered with a heat exchanger, it gets hot and you get the hot water from the tap.

As soon as you close the tap, the circuit is disconnected and the ignition stops, thus the unit gets shut down.

So a simplified summary is, the gas water heater works when you open the tap and as the flow starts the sensor detects it. It ignites the burner and the heat exchanger warms the water.


Who Invented Geysers?

Well, we will have to give credit to the one who has made the lives of millions easier especially during those cruel winters. Water heaters were part of human lives way before the modern world came into existence.

Their invention dated back to the Roman civilization which was considered as an organised civilization during those times. They had a system of heating water baths underfloors, in houses, and in buildings. They used to heat a pipe that was connected to a furnace which allowed them to relax in hot water. Even in ancient India, there were hot water baths.

But that’s old times, right? For the modern era, it goes back to the 1800s. During the 1860s the first water heating device was invented. That used gas jets which did the part of heating the water in the bath.

Practically, the water was not heated, instead, the cold water was made to run from tubes that were hot. Giving hot water, a smart way. This smart person was an Englishman known by the world as Benjamin Waddy.

He named his invention after the inspiration from famous hot springs of Iceland called Geysers. Well, don’t confuse this spring geyser with our normal water heaters. Here’s why

A geyser is a kind of rare phenomenon or hot spring that is under some pressure and erupts, sending a stream of hot water or jets of hot water into the air. Of course, it is rare and watching it is the most beautiful experience.

As a genuinely uncommon marvel, the fountain is developed because of certain hydrological conditions that are not possible everywhere and exists in just a couple of spots on our planet earth.


What are the Types of Gas Geysers?

Not only are geysers widely popular but are also available in two variants. Electric Geysers and Gas Geysers, which most of us know. However, in gas geysers, there are other two types available.

So, a gas geyser is available in two types, one is Instant Gas Geyser and the other is Storage Gas Geyser. Both of them have their unique traits and popularity. They are as follows.


Instant Gas Geysers

Instant Gas Geysers

Well, the most common and popular gas geysers out there in the Indian market is none other than Instant Gas Geysers. You will be surprised to find out that these geysers are mostly sold all over India.

Some additional names for Instant Gas Geysers include Tankless Gas Geysers, Natural Draft,  and Instantaneous Gas Geysers. These names are used interchangeably and sometimes people get confused. However, no matter what you call, their function and purpose remain the same.

Instant gas geysers, with a self-explanatory name, these geysers provide the water flow immediately once you open the tap. Thanks to the sensor that comes with them. To maintain the temperature of the water these types of geysers come with a thermostat that regulates the flow of the gas.

You will find this type of geysers the most in Indian households. They are great for individuals that are not looking for colossal amounts of hot water at once, meaning excellent for small families as well as big families.

Most of the gas geysers manufacturers provide this type of geyser in India. They are great and reliable as well as economical.


Storage Gas Geysers

Storage Gas Geysers

These types of gas geysers are very—like very rare in India. You can at point consider that they are not available in India. As the name suggests, instead of using water running from a pipe, they store it in a tank or reservoir.

Storage gas geysers are also known as Tank type gas geysers. They are an excellent option for those who want more hot water at once, bathtub, for example. Their construction is simple and thus, they are easily repairable geysers.

Ideal for large families that require high-volume of hot water at once. These type of geysers are liked by many outside the Indian market. Another name for this type of geyser is Fan Force Driven.

These type of geysers are generally more on the efficiency side than the instant gas geysers. Additionally, they can supply a ton of water in a minute. The storage gas geyser works by heating the water and then storing it until you need it.


Features of Gas Geysers

Gas geysers are a really great option for those who are looking for economical yet durable and efficient geysers. They are energy-efficient, cheap, and provide hot water in basically no time. Here are some excellent features of gas geysers, as compared to the electric geysers.



Of course, they are way faster when compared with electric geysers. They can provide hot water instantly within minutes too without any effort, where electric geysers struggle to take time.

Gas geysers are a great alternative for big families as it can cope up with the demands of hot water. An electric geyser can heat 50 litres of water in around 30 minutes. Gas geysers, on the other hand, can take the same time to heat twice the amount. Which means 100 litres of water in this case.




Around the globe, electricity is way more expensive than gas. Which means that a gas geyser will more likely have less operational cost than an electric geyser that runs on electricity. Initially,  installing gas geysers can prove to be expensive, but they will be more economical in the long run.

Due to this, gas geysers are a more popular choice for residential use.


No Electricity? No worries!

No Electricity No worries!

One of the best features of gas geysers is the ability to provide hot water even during power cuts. Voltage and power fluctuations in India are a common problem, and in some rural areas, they are a part of life.

So if you happen to reside in areas where power outages are frequent, then gas geysers will work wonders for you. At last, you will not have to go through those deadly cold showers in winters especially during a blackout.





Gas geysers are extremely efficient in conserving energies. Say no to the wastage of energy but choosing gas geysers. Instant gas geysers are excellent in this domain, as they only heat the water when you need it. Since the gas burns clean, a small amount of heat is wasted, making them a much better choice than electric gas geysers.




Another great benefit of gas geysers, they are environmentally friendly. The gas used in delivering hot water burns very cleanly and so there are no emissions generated, that is in turn healthy for our environment and climate.




Last but not the least, these geysers are affordable and cheaper when compared with electric geysers. You can find gas geysers in the range of Rs 5000. So fast, cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and affordable geysers. What’s not to like?


Merits of Using Gas Geysers

Well, after considering the features, the benefits of gas geysers rather seem obvious. There are many benefits of using a gas geyser during winters. They are as follows.

  • You can manually control the water level as well as the heating rate.
  • Since it burns clean, there is no squandering of energy as well as the power.
  • A great choice for large families.
  • These types of geysers can be easily repaired.
  • They can provide hot water regardless of electricity.
  • They work on LPG as well as natural gas pipelines.
  • They are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Gas geysers are affordable compared to electric geysers.
  • They provide and heat water way faster.


DeMerits of Using Gas Geysers

Unfortunately, we can’t keep accentuating on the positive, gas geysers do accompany some negatives. It is imperative to keep the bad boy in your mind so that you don’t forget it exists. Just make sure to look at them and if you can tackle them, then a gas geyser can prove to be a great choice. Here are some disadvantages.

  • These geysers cannot be installed manually and strictly require professionals.
  • If not installed properly, can leak Carbon monoxide, which can result in pollution.
  • In terms of safety, it is not safe and the electric geyser wins the show here.
  • Needs space and ventilation.



Gas geysers fail to put up a fight in the safety area, they are not considered safe that doesn’t mean they cannot be used. If you happen to purchase a gas geyser then make sure to follow these precautions that will keep you safe. They are as follows…



Make sure that you are avoiding confined places such as bathrooms. You need an adequate amount of space for the cylinder and the geyser. Not to mention, the ventilation too, so place your geysers at someplace that is spacious as well as has enough ventilation.



The geyser should be placed at a height where children cannot reach but adults, on the other hand, can easily reach it. Moreover, make sure that the pilot flame is easily visible at whatever height you decide to place the geyser on.


Area & Pipes

Just don’t place the geyser near some explosives, corrosives, or inflammable. Additionally, do not keep any sort of electronics or wiring near the gears. Avoid wet things as well. All the pipes that you are linking should be clean and leak-proof as well as anti-corrosive.


Final Thoughts

With necessary precautions from your side, a gas geyser can prove to be an excellent device to make your winters much easier and comfortable. Gas geysers are cost-effective, energy-efficient, affordable, fast, and environmentally friendly.

We cannot imagine showers or bathing during winters without hot water, and gas geysers provide it in basically no time, even without electricity. So the next time power out haunts your morning shower in winters, don’t worry, the gas geyser will have your back!







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