What is Sine Wave Inverter

With such countless inverters out there in the Indian market, picking the correct one can be a troublesome task. The inverter is a really great source powering up your life without electricity and providing a smooth Alternating Current to the most sensitive devices.

Perhaps the more pertinent question is. Which is the best inverter in india?

Fortunately, you are in the right place… Out of all the available inverters, Pure sine wave inverters wins the show here.

How you may ask?

Well… for that you’ll have to stick with us throughout the article.


What is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

First of all, what are inverters in general? Inverters are electronic devices that do the job of converting Direct current or DC into Alternating Current or AC. Pure sine wave inverters, also known as Sine wave inverters are one type of inverters.

These are the best type of inverters from the available option in the inverter section. The other inverters are Modified Sine Wave inverters and Square Wave inverters. Both of these inverters produce harmonic distortion and are compatible with certain devices only. Modified sine wave inverters are not actually sine wave, the term is misleading and is also known as Modified Square wave inverters.

However, on the other hand, sine wave inverters as the name suggest produces power in smooth repetitive oscillation, which is generally called sine wave in the world of maths. A sine wave is a smooth continuous wave. These types of inverters have very low distortion — harmonic distortion. This is because of the fact that these inverters provide just the Alternating Current with your electronic devices needs.

As a matter of fact, pure sine wave inverters offer almost the same AC power that you would get from your home. In some cases, this power supply could be way better than the one you are getting in your home. With that being said, it mostly depends on the area.

Be that as it may, pure sine wave inverters utilize a complex technology that can protect the most sensitive devices without a hitch. Generally, in the case of sensitive devices, for example, recording studios or medical equipment, you should look for the lowest harmonic distortion.

Anyways, sine wave inverters can easily power up microwaves, televisions, laptops, refrigerators, air conditioners and other equipment. To sum it up, pure sine wave inverters are compatible with every device and can power up just any AC device without causing any sort of damage to that particular appliance.

These features are what make sine wave inverters the most prominent choice and reliable, albeit the high cost. As the saying goes “With higher price comes higher quality”, which is inevitable in this case.


How Does a Pure Sine Wave Inverter Works?

Sine Wave Inverter Works

These days, pure sine wave inverters have an impeccable reputation. Moreover, they are the only choice for most of the individuals and for good reasons. The number of people using these inverters is growing by leaps and bounds. However, for any pure sine wave inverter the input voltage, frequency and output voltage are crucial. Having said that, these factors vary according to the specific device and their circuitry.



With the help of an integrated circuit (IC) inverters create oscillating pulses. These pulses are at a particular frequency and have positive & negative peaks of voltage. These pulses are really weak in nature and cannot be relied on to power up high current transformers. To increase their strength or to boost them, they are sent to the Amplifier.



Boosting or Amplifying is the stage where the alternate voltage is amplified. This voltage that is amplified is provided from the oscillator — of the pure sine wave inverter. However, this amplified voltage is too low for electronic appliances, to increase it to adequate levels where electronic devices can work smoothly, this current is passed to the Transformer.



No, it’s not that spooky film where cars can transform into robots. The transformer in an inverter works by the help of magnetic induction, where the low AC power from the amplifier is transformed into high voltage. This voltage is used by the sine wave inverters to provide the smooth, uninterrupted AC power for the electronic appliances.


Advantages of Using Pure Sine Wave Inverters

When it comes to benefits don’t even get us started, but if you are curious to know, then here are some benefits that you can get while using a pure sine wave inverter.

  • The biggest advantage of pure sine wave inverters is the ability to power up devices efficiently.
  • These inverters can power up any AC appliances without any harm.
  • They are great for sensitive electronic devices and are compatible with most of them.
  • Pure sine wave inverters provide a great power backup – which helps in reducing electricity bills.
  • These inverters are manufactured with the help of the State of the Art Technology.
  • You can use grinders on these inverters, which would be not possible the other way around.
  • Sine wave inverters provide a smooth oscillating power with minimum harmonic distortion.
  • You will not face any annoying buzzing sound while using these inverters.
  • Appliances with inductive loads such as motors and microwaves run faster, smoother, and quieter.
  • Pure sine wave inverters forestall any possible damage and crashing of computer devices or any other appliance in general.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, using pure sine wave inverters is always best and will prove to come in handy. The other inverters are not bad but they can pose some damage to sensitive electronic appliances and may not even work in the first place.


Modified sine wave vs. pure sine wave


Sum Up

Like an onion pure sine wave inverters have many — many layers of benefits. We would only recommend choosing modified sine wave inverters if you are really tight on budget and are not using sensitive devices.

That said, sine wave inverters are popular for powering up any device with lowest possible harmonic distortion. If you happen to use some more sensitive devices then make sure to look at sine wave inverters with total harmonic distortion (THD) less than 6% or 3% depending upon the device.

So that’s all about pure sine wave inverters, hopefully, you got the idea of why they are famous and more reliable than the other inverters that are available.


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