When And How Should the Mattress Be Turned Over?

When buying sleeping accessories, it is important to think about how to turn the mattress over. Regular changes in its position are a necessary component of the care of the product, thanks to which it is possible to preserve its form and extend the life of the product.

Whether to turn the mattress – a topical question for owners of sleeping accessories who want to use the product as long as possible, experts insist that the regular change of side of the mattress allows maintaining the condition of all its surfaces, avoid failures and changes in design and provide comfortable sleep throughout the life – and in some cases longer.


Minimum necessary care for the mattress

Before determining how to turn the mattress, it is worth understanding that changing the position is only one aspect of care for the product. Taking care of sleeping accessories involves a whole set of certain actions, each of which is important in its own way:

  • Proper operation. Each mattress has its own composition and maximum allowable load level, which is strongly not recommended. By following all the model’s rules, it is possible to avoid its early wear and damage.
  • Use a mattress away from fire sources and heating appliances. In addition to the need to observe fire safety in this case, it is worth taking care of the product’s materials, which can change properties under the influence of excessive heat.
  • Regular airing. It is important to maintain a comfortable microclimate in the bedroom, monitor the humidity of the air, and periodically leave the mattress without a sheet, ventilating the room.
  • Periodic cleaning. Care for the mattress surfaces should be with a certain frequency, even if they do not have visible contaminants.
  • Use of protective covers. The mattress will protect the product from dust, moisture, accidental contaminants, and scarves and preserve its attractive appearance and operational properties.
  • Appropriate storage. If the mattress is not used, it should be stored in a dry, cool place, put on the butt to avoid deformations of springs and filler.

Why turn the mattress over?

When buying, customers often wonder whether it is possible to turn the mattress, why it is done, and the price of abandoning such a procedure. Experts explain that the timely change of the product’s position allows:

  • It is more even to distribute the load during constant operation;
  • Avoid the deflections and failures that appear when used long.
  • Maintain the integrity of the case and the shape of the mattress;
  • support the anatomical and orthopedic properties of the product.

Spring mattresses require regular roll-up with any block and any degree of rigidity. Unsectionless models do not need a regular change of position – except for two-way products that turn over the season.


How to turn the mattress?

For those trying to determine how to turn the mattress, it is necessary to understand that there is a twist and flip of the product.

  • Coup – the mattress is flipped from one side to the other in a vertical counterclockwise plane from top to bottom. The procedure is recommended to repeat about once a month.
  • Turn – the mattress is moved in a horizontal plane on the “head-foot” scheme. It is recommended to do every six months.

For anatomical models, a “turn-coup-turn-coup” scheme will be suitable – each action is performed at intervals of three months.


Features of cleaning mattresses

Another important event is cleaning sleeping accessories. Possible types and frequency of cleaning are possible:

  • Vacuuming – once every 2 weeks;
  • airing outdoors or in a room with open windows – 1-2 times a month for 3-6 hours;
  • home dry cleaning with the use of soft furniture care products – every 1-2 years;
  • chemical cleansing – no more than once every 5 years.

Professional dry-cleaning will help to get rid of the injected and strong pollution. Today, a similar service in Moscow is provided by various cleaning companies with a wide range of prices. You can find specialists by the family budget. Do not neglect this procedure – it will refresh the surface and maintain the operational properties of the mattress for a long time.

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