When to Drink Whey Protein

Reminiscing the Workout of the Days (WODS)? How about making another one? Or rather setting up a new PR (Personal Record)?

Be it more muscle mass you are looking for or want to shed some fat. Whey Protein can certainly come in handy to give you all the protein and energy you are looking for along with the fitness goal you have in your mind.

Whey protein will help you with more muscle recovery and strength provided that you are taking it on the right time.

But when is the best time to drink whey protein?

Well… For that, you should peruse along.


What is Whey Protein?

Whey Protein

When it comes to protein powders, whey protein for one is the most popular nutrition supplement on the market these days. Initially, it was discarded but now it is proclaimed by many bodybuilders and athletes around the globe.

Whey protein is the by-product of the cheese-making process, meaning, it is derived from the liquid part of milk when it is separated from the curds during the cheese-making process. The liquid is the leftover once the milk has been stressed and twisted. Whey proteins are popular these days and for good reasons.

Firstly, they are loaded with Branched Chain Amino Acids or abbreviated to BCAAs, which are crucial for our bodies. A bit of biology here for those who are not acquainted with it, our muscles get damaged when we are doing workouts and that’s the only way they grow back stronger.

But for that they also need support to recuperate, that’s precisely what BCAA do. However, they are not only limited to that, but they also contribute to the growth of our muscles and rebuild them when we have muscular damage due to workouts.

Secondly, they are affordable as well as effective, what’s not to love? The best part about whey proteins, in general, is the ability to get absorbed quickly — like really fast. When compared to other supplements and protein powders, whey protein is the only one that gets absorbed quickly in our bloodstream and after that to our muscles to help speed up the growth and recovery.

They are also supported by our digestive systems which in turn helps them to get absorbed faster. Besides that, they are really flexible, by this, we mean that they can be taken at most of the times with other supplements such as creatine and other similar supplements.

They are available in different forms which we will discuss in a bit, the liquid part of the whey protein contains 20% of the protein in the cow milk.

With that being said, not all the whey proteins are the same — and you will most likely be overwhelmed with options available in the market that look pretty dang similarly. So let’s take a gander at the kinds of various whey proteins you will find on the lookout.


Types of Whey Protein

Now with the myriad of protein powders out there in the market, selecting one can prove to difficult, same is with whey protein. Here are the three most common whey proteins that you will be encountering while you are purchasing the best whey protein.


Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey Protein Concentrate

The most widely recognized type of whey protein is the concentrate of whey powder. The amount of protein in these powders are anywhere from 70 to 85%, they are actually less processed which might sound like a good thing — but it contains more fat and lactose.

That being said, it’s a great alternative for all those individuals that have just started out, so you can opt for this powder if you are not used to drinking whey protein and working out. If you do end up choosing for this, ensure that the amount of protein is at least 80% or above. You’ve probably consumed whey concentrate if you have eaten a baked good or protein bar.

Be that as it may if you are lactose intolerant then it’s probably best to avoid this type of whey powder.


Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Protein Isolate

Well, do you remember something about less processed whey protein concentrate? Yeah, so whey isolate powder is on the more processed side of the powder. Meaning it undergoes more processing to remove those fats and lactose, providing you with a powder that contains 90 to 95% of protein.

Howbeit, due to that extra processing they kinda cost more than the isolated whey available, but they are safe for those who happen to be lactose intolerant. So the remaining 5% are accompanied by very little lactose and fats.

Keeping that in mind, some whey isolate powders contain dairy, so do make sure that you are reading the labels carefully especially if you have any sort of allergy to dairy products. Additionally, this powder is great for those individuals looking for mass gainers.


Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein

Like whey protein isolate, the hydrolyzed protein undergoes additional processing to remove all the fats and lactose, meaning its the purest form of whey protein. Of course, with more efforts to remove, they are the most expensive type of whey protein than the available ones.

Moreover, these types of whey protein emphasises on adding more amino acids, BCAAs, for example, that help to digest very fast — theoretically speaking. Researches have also shown that amino acids and gut function smoothly in harmony.

But that cannot be the case for you. Practically speaking, other whey proteins are just as or even more effective, so investing a ton of money doesn’t make any sense.

No matter which type of whey protein you choose, it will for sure help you with muscle recovery and hypertrophy, given that you are taking the protein powder at the optimal time.


Reasons to Consider Getting a Whey Protein Right Away

Whey protein isn’t always the case for big muscle heads, it can become a part of your lifestyle too. It does come with some benefits and we have narrowed them down.

Reduce Fat

Reduce Fat

Are you looking for some low-calorie diet to shed some pounds as well as fat? And if the answer is yes, consider getting a whey protein. Research showed that participants that were consuming whey were losing body fat faster and greater than the ones that were given a mixed beverage.

In addition to this, whey protein also helps to preserve your muscles, so that’s another plus. If you find yourself gorging on unhealthy snacks between meals then you should try a whey protein bar.

Besides that, you can also take whey protein with fat burners for fast results without compromising on quality.


Strength and Size

Strength and Size

Visiting the gym more than frequent to increase your strength? Perhaps whey protein is something you should consider. Taking whey hours before and after the exercises can help you increase muscle mass and strength.

This is backed by researchers that took some men and provided them whey while performing resistance training. According to the results, the ones that were intaking whey had fat-free muscle strength and mass increased.


Reduce Cravings

Reduce Cravings

Always hungry? Whey can help you with that, just drink a whey protein shake before you munch on some unhealthy snacks. A whey protein shake with some nuts and fruits is great multivitamin shake to boost your health as well as keeping you satiated for a prolonged time.  According to a study conducted on obese men, it was founded that those who were consuming whey had significantly reduced ghrelin levels for four hours.


Wait, WHAT levels?

For those who are not aware of the term Ghrelin or otherwise called a Hunger Hormone, basically, it is a hormone that tells or gives a signal to your mind saying you are hungry. So the next time you are picking up some snacks, drink a whey shake beforehand.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there are many researchers claiming that it helps with cancer and others saying that it works well with immunity, what if that’s true? Well, that’s the story for another what if….


When to Take Whey Protein?

When to Take Whey Protein

Well, depending on your personal goals and workouts, the best time to take whey protein might differ, but before that let’s look at why anyone would opt for a whey protein supplement in the first place?

  • To gain more weight.
  • To lose more weight.
  • For muscle gain.
  • To add as a substitute for a low-calorie diet without changing the intake of protein.
  • To increase performance.

These could be some possible reasons for individuals looking for whey protein, if you fall under any of these categories, then you should get one for yourself.

Now, let’s look at what is the best time for you to take whey protein, of course depending on your goal.


If you want to Lose Weight

Lose Weight

The basic funda for losing weight is to lower your calories intake more than you are burning throughout the day. In fact, some individuals replace their meals with whey protein knowing that they can consume a fixed amount of calories rather than counting for each different food they intake.

If you are opting for a whey protein shake to replace your meal, make sure in doing so you are also not forgetting about other nutrients and a bunch of healthy carbs & fats that you would get from your meal otherwise. You can make a smoothie with some nuts, whey, and fruits to ensure that you are getting a calorie-controlled shake that aids in keeping you satiated for a longer time and maintains muscles whilst reducing your weight.


If you want to Gain Weight

Gain Weight

Just the opposite of losing weight — gaining weight — you will need to increase your calories count than you are burning during the day. For this case, timing doesn’t matter that much instead, getting healthy calories as much as you can is imperative.

You can take it as the first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. To gain more weight you can take the whey with milk or nut butter that will boost up your calories as well as healthy fats.


If you want more Muscle Gain

more Muscle Gain

It was a common fallacy that you have to consume your protein shake 30 minutes before your workout and 2 hours after your workout. However, research now shows that the benefits still stay 24 hours after your workout. The main reason for this is, it takes almost a day for our muscles to recuperate the damage from workouts, thus consuming it shortly before & after a workout will also work.

You can decide the time depending on the meals and daily schedule you have. You can divide your protein intake between 3 to 4 meals and snacks during the day.


If you want More Performance

More Performance

On the off chance that you are pursuing to be the beast during your workouts sessions then you can add whey to your diet. As mentioned before our muscles break down and build back after high-intensity training. A whey protein can help to speed up the recovery rate and build them stronger.

What’s more, you can even take the whey protein with creatine for maximum performance during your intensive workouts. Taking it before a workout will fill you up with all the energy you need to lift all those heavy equipment and surpass your PR (Personal Record).


Can We Take Whey Protein for Breakfast?

Of course, you can, in fact, you should consider replacing your morning breakfast with a shake of whey protein regardless of your fitness goal. It is an excellent way to kickstart your morning with all the protein and energy you need.

If you do choose to take protein powder the first thing in your water, don’t consume it with just water or milk, rather add some nuts, fruits, oats, yoghurt, seeds, or nut butter to make it a complete perfect balanced meal. Since they keep you full, the other ingredients like fruits, oats, and nut butter will provide you with plenty of multiple vitamins, fibres, and other nutritions for better function of your body and growth.

Additionally, as you know they get absorbed pretty quick, making them the perfect well-balanced meal for your morning.


Wrapping Up

Adding a whey protein to your diet is for sure going to help you regardless of what you want to achieve in terms of weight goals. It’s a healthy well-balanced diet that comes with many benefits. Moreover, it contains BCAAs that are the crucial building blocks for your muscle.

You can take a whey protein shake before bed and after a bed for better overall health. Whey proteins are powerful supplements that can assist both professional athletes and normal individuals.

Even if you are adding that to your diet regularly it has a ton of benefits. Given that you are aware of the timing to drink a scrumptious whey protein shake, do yourself a favor and grab some whey protein powder.

Happy Eating!!








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