Which Split Air Conditioning Buy?

It is unspeakably hot, and the ventilation is running at full speed, but still does not bring the desired cooling. That’s where you decide to buy air conditioning. In addition to temporary operation, the new household appliance should also cool constantly in continuous operation.

In this blog, the different types of air conditioners have already been presented. A split air conditioning system is excellently suited for both short and continuous operation.


Split Air Conditioning Buying Guide 

Split Air Conditioning

It would help if you considered whether it should only be suitable for one room (e.g. office) or the entire apartment/ house. Considering the energy consumption (for split systems, which are also to be used as heat dispensers) compared to the costs of oil and gas heating, you should also consider in which price range the device should move and consider the noise level of the outer part. It is just as important where the split device should find its place in the room. They are available in different versions.

  • Mono / Single and multi-Split system
  • as ceiling and wall mounting, stand
  • as a chest device,
  • as a sewer device,
  • as a console device
  • and as a so-called cassette device.

Some of these models can be installed on their own, and you save the expensive fitter. In some systems, a professional can carry out the professional installation in a time-saving manner. However, these air conditioners are then fixed and cannot be transported to another room at will. But there are also solutions for this if several rooms are to be connected to this system.

As a rule, split air conditioners are divided into 2 parts. An air conditioner is mounted on the outer wall and is responsible for sucking in the outside air and converting it into clean, cool air with the cooler and filter’s help. This is then released by the second device attached to the interior, which supplies this room with dust and pollen-free, cool air. Some split systems are equipped with a sleep mode and help your neighbours not to feel bothered by the noise and like you can experience a relaxing night’s sleep.

The same principle applies to several rooms. The duo, trio or even 5-fold split devices intended for interior installation, are mounted in the rooms to be cooled and run via a single outdoor unit.

Conversely, you can also draw warm air from it during the transition period. Some heating sources have only 2 steps – on and off. For autumn or spring, the room air becomes too warm, and a malaise arises, not least due to lack of oxygen. The normal reaction is then to tear open all the windows. However, this literally throws far too much money out the window. With an intelligent combination of split air conditioning heater and your traditional heating method, you can even really save money.


Accommodation of  Various Air Conditioning Systems

Whether multi-split or single-split system – they are quite small, no more chunky blocks can be placed differently and integrated into the existing environment.

  • Ceiling units, which are also available as cassette units, are not effective if installed overwork or seating and berths directly. This could explain her coming cold. So consider a suitable place where the air conditioning can be installed effectively, but do not interfere.
  • Chest of devices be attached to the wall and need a space of about 15 cm from the floor. They are not easy to hide, but also look almost like a central heating system. Since it is nice to know that these Split air conditioners can also be used, they also have 2 springs, which – as required- slow out warm or cold air (top and bottom). Some manufacturers have installed a self-diagnosis system and made the condition controllable via an infrared remote control.
  • Sewer devices can be used wherever they are not obviously eye-catching and should not be disturbed by a high noise level. You will find this construction mostly in shops, offices or restaurants. You will also find a place in suspended or double ceilings. Small, compact and integrated into the wall; they do not stand out at all.
  • Of course, these duct air conditioners can also be used as household appliances. They can also generate warm air.
  • Console devices are similar in design to the chest devices and can be mounted on the wall. They also have only one outdoor unit. This inverter multi-split or mono-split systems in console design have the advantage of providing fast cooling in large rooms, taking into account the KW specifications. Example:

2.5 KW = air conditioning for max. 27 m2

3.5 KW = air conditioning for max. 37 m2

5.0 KW = air conditioning for max. 53 m2 … etc.

The air conditioning for certain room sizes is calculated approximately the same for all split air conditioners. The higher the KW number, the more power in square meters.

When selecting these home appliances, no brand or cheap appliances can be explicitly recommended. This is the same as choosing a car – one person feels most comfortable with a luxury interior. In contrast, another person puts more emphasis on maneuverability or space to store work materials.


But one thing is certain in the comparisons:

No matter which device you ultimately choose, the purpose of cooling and filtering the room air is fulfilled by each split air conditioner just as each car takes the driver from A to B.

For a home appliance, attention should be paid to the noise level, which is only a small tip in this blog, so as not to disturb the dear neighbours and your own sleep unnecessarily.

On average, all devices’ energy efficiency classes are B and A to A+, whereby it is advisable to have these systems installed with a power supply unit. This allows you to switch off the household appliance seasonally.

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