Why is My Inverter Beeping

Perhaps the main skirmishes of the nineteenth century were battled not over land or assets but rather storing electricity and converting it. As we all know necessity is the mother of invention and this necessity leads to the rise of  Inverters.

However, they can be sometimes annoying and if you are anxious that your inverter is beeping too much. Try not to stress, it won’t detonate like a – Time Bomb.

Jokes apart, there could be some reasons as for why it is beeping and guess what, they have some pretty straightforward solutions.

So without wasting time away… Let’s get started, shall we?


Potential Causes for the Beeping of Your Inverter

Generally, the inverter will make a beeping sound when it starts running on the power of the battery. This beeping sound is sort of an alarm which describes that the inverter has now started to use the electricity from the battery. Thus, this can be considered as an indicator, since it runs on the battery it should not be a matter of concern.

Perhaps the more pertinent question is why your inverter is beeping more?

Well, there could be a ton of reasons why your inverter is beeping and the most common factor of all could be the fact that your inverter is low on battery. Yeah, when the inverter is low on battery it beeps frequently to alert you that it is going to shut down. In most of the cases, the alarm or the beeping sound will occur before shutdown and if you are looking for some time then it could be anywhere before – 2 minutes.

When the battery of your inverter gets too low, it starts to beep, telling you that it will shut down if you will not charge the battery. The reason for the inverter shutting down is because it will not put a load on the battery and discharge it. This way it will forestall the battery from getting discharged pretty quick.


Battery Cable Size

Battery Cable Size

Another reason for the beeping of your inverter could be the wrong cable size for the battery. These inadequate cables are the reason for voltage dropping and ultimately the beeping sound. So if your inverter is beeping then it could be due to your cable size, get it changed and this time makes sure to have a proper length.




One more cause for your noisy inverter could be the fact that too many gadgets have been connected and your inverter is saying “Hey I can’t take these many devices at once, give me a break”. Capacity overload occurs when many appliances are connected to the inverter and running at the same time. Which results in a constant beeping tone and it will keep rining until you do something (trust us the noise is pretty annoying though!).


Self-test Failed

Self-test Failed

This is not the most common case but could be possible for your beeping inverter. Generally, the inverter conducts a test more like self-test. During this test, the inverter mostly checks the integrity of the battery, so it moves towards the battery test rather than the whole inverter test.

Anyways, the inverter performs this test every 14 to 15 days—2 weeks to check if everything is okay with the battery or not. In case, the inverter fails this test, that means the battery is dying and will need a replacement. The inverter will beep rapidly for some minutes within every 4 to 5 hours.

Thus self-test fail is rare and will only happen when your battery is about to die.


Low Voltage

Low Voltage

Last but not least reason for your inverter being obnoxiously noisy might have to do with voltage. Low voltage generally causes the inverter to beep for like every 5 seconds and if you find that’s the case then just reduce the number of appliances that are running with the inverter.


Solution for Your Noisy Inverter

As far as the solution is concerned it depends on the problem you are facing. So if your inverter is being loud because of a low battery, then the simple and obvious solution will be to recharge it. It will generally take a few hours and your inverter will stop beeping.

Other for cable size, well you know that by now, you will need a good adequate size cable so that your inverter stops beeping.

Now for overloading, there are two potential solutions. The first is to reduce the number of appliances that are running on them. Meaning just remove the ones that are not in use or are redundant in terms of priority.

The other solution for overloading is to purchase a new inverter to ensure that all the appliances that you want to run are running smoothly without giving any sort of trouble to your inverter. A right size inverter will never ever beep due to overloading, instead will handle them like a boss.

As for the self-test failing, all you need to do is to go and get a new battery and replace the old one. Make sure that you do it within the month of beeping or else it could damage the inverter.

In the case of low voltage, there is not much you can do, reducing the number of appliances connected will help. But a more efficient and better way would be to turn off the inverter. This way you are saving yourself some beeping noise as well as keeping your inverter healthy.

And just in case if things go south (which always does for unlucky fellas like us) then don’t hesitate to contact the professional or technician and get the job done. It is always better to be extra sure than extra worried.



So if your inverter is beeping and disturbing you then it could be possible that the mentioned causes are the culprit. Luckily we’ve provided a tested and tried solution for all of them.

On the other hand, if your inverter is kinda not stopping and is constantly beeping as well as annoying the heck out of you then it’s probably best that you contact a technician to do the bidding. It’s always better to be on a safer side.


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